Online “Dating” At Its Worst

(creepy picture right? What if he just crawled outta there, Ring style?)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve delved into the online dating pool. There are hundreds of thousands of people, “looking for love,” “super down to earth,” who “love nerds,” but what’s the success rate?

I don’t know. This entry is kind of a rant.

Girls say some suspect things on their profiles: “I love and honest, nice guy.” “I like going out, but I’m also down to stay in and just cuddle and watch movies.” “I won’t respond if you send me just a ‘hey’ or ‘sup’ or whatever.” “I’m new to this!”

I’ve written a lot of messages. I’ve gotten my profile viewed a lot. Out of maybe 100 sincere messages, I’ll get 2 or 3 back.

Guys are stupid. We want certainty. We want a response. No response is a form of a response, but I guess it cuts a little deeper than “You’re not my type,” or “No thanks, not interested.” Upfront is better. Because guys are stupid, we’ll think things like, “Maybe she didn’t read it yet,” or “Maybe if I send a second message, she’ll like THAT one” (that actually happened to a married couple I know. She didn’t respond to him until his second message). So maybe that last example isn’t a good one of how dumb guys are.

This wasn’t meant to be an analysis of how guys/girls respond to messages and profiles. This is more to talk about the types of dating sites that are out there, and what they offer/don’t offer.

The stigma is gone, folks. The more we live our lives online, the more normal (or, “mormal”) it is to find a significant other on the internets.

Some sites are free. These sites are open to anyone and there are very few restrictions on what one can do. If you want to add albums-worth of pictures, or be in the “promoted” lists, then you’ll be paying a price. If you just want to browse, send messages back and forth, and hopefully form an emotional/aesthetic bond with another person…these sites are for you. They include (and I may be forgetting some, or just not know they exist):

And then there’s the paid site. These sites are more “exclusive” in that if you’re paying for it, you’re probably gonna take it very seriously. Some profiles should be taken with a grain of salt. I remember meeting girls off of myspace (when that was still a thing) and sometimes the reaction was “Ohhh…you looked better on myspace.” This happened to so many people that there were T-shirts made saying something similar. Girls, if you’re photogenic…great. If you’re not…don’t change the angle until it’s absolutely perfect just to take a profile picture. Don’t wear tons of makeup, and don’t take pictures where you’re far away from the camera.

Okay, where was I? These paid dating sites can get kind of pricey. And you’re taking a risk. At least with Netflix and hulu you know exactly what you’re getting. These dating sites (that I can think of right now) are:

Do the sites that have a price-tag also carry a guarantee that you’ll find someone? No. Do they have a “higher quality” of people because they can/want to afford to pay the monthly/bi-annual cost of the site? No.

So what is the difference, really? Besides cost/non-cost?

Really…this is me asking, anyone who reads this, for an answer. What IS the best dating site? Is there a free option? Couldn’t they just use ads if it’s a paid site?

Oh yeah, and there’s this one called where you can find like-minded geeks. This one is credit-based. Be careful what you do around the site. You might get charged for doing something you didn’t even know would cost you anything. Once I went into the “Chatroom” to see if there was anyone on, and to see what it was all about. I got charged 10 credits for that!! That’s 10 days-worth of logging on, just for the free credit. You can buy credits, but I’m sure they go super quick, with the way it’s set up to not tell you what you’ll be paying for (man that was wordy).

Anyway, in conclusion?? I like meeting people in person. Especially if you’re already at a show of a band you both like. Or you’re both at the same museum. Or you hit her with your car. So much in common already!


Stand-up Comedy Apartment Shows


I live in North San Diego County. I do stand-up comedy, and I was craving an open mic night that wasn’t 40 minutes away. I kept latching onto open mic nights that were close-by, but they would quickly slip through my fingers as they would close down and go away forever.

So then, I thought of something. Something great, something that no one could take away (unless I was told I couldn’t do it). I wasn’t going to ask for permission. The attendance might be low at first, but I knew this would turn into something awesome. I thought:

“I’m going to get OUR APARTMENT ready for a COMEDY SHOW!!”

I already had an amp, I quickly bought a microphone with a 1/4″ plug, now all I needed was seating. We had 5 folding chairs around the apartment. Our upstairs neighbor jumped at the opportunity to help. He collects scrap and other things people don’t want, to sell at the swap meet, and he conveniently had 9 chairs for us to use. With our 14 folding chairs, we’d prove to have enough to seat exactly the amount of people who would show up!!

A friend from work provided an outdoor heating torch-lamp-device (like the kind on fancy restaurant patios) and he also brought some lights to light up the stage.

I spread the word at work and I spread the word to as many comedian friends I could think of.

With a week of promotion time on facebook, the show was about to begin. 7 pm, sharp! Well, we didn’t start till 7:45. We waited for the cavalry to arrive, and they did. We filled up all the seats, we utilized the crap out of that outdoor heater-lamp thing, and there ended up being three comedians including myself.

We filled an hour of time, brightened some people’s night with a stand-up comedy show they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see. Another great thing about this comedy show…it’s on Saturday nights. That first week was such a success that I’m going to put it on every Saturday night. I’ll be performing every Saturday night, along with whichever other comics can make it out, so…this is happening.

If anyone anywhere is interested, here’s a link to the humble little facebook page:

Enjoy! Support local and live stand-up comedy!


Comikazeeeee (2013)


For years and years and years the term “Comic Book Convention” has been synonymous with the San Diego Comic-Con. Los Angeles has had little to say about it until 2011, when Stan Lee’s Comikaze was born!

I didn’t know about the ‘Kaze until last year, when I went up with my roommate and we met another friend there. It was pretty decently sized in 2012, and there was a lot to see. There was too much to see in one day, which was all we had time/money for.

2013 had so much to do/hear/see. There was a reunion of The Adventures of Pete & Pete. There was a Nerdist Writer’s Panel: Comics Edition. There was an Axe Cop panel, Elvira, Stan Lee, and even Lou Ferrigno (Yeah, I imagine the Ferrig is leaving conventions with a bag over his shoulder, hitching down the road to the next).

I ended up shaving my head, completely, for Halloween and Comikaze was, conveniently, the next day. I was Walter White…Heizenberg. It was my first time every doing a costume for any convention and the response was pretty amazing. I heard whispers as I walked by. People approached me and asked for pictures. I even waited in line to meet some people who were promoting their stuff, and they asked for photos with me. You can go ahead and judge the costume for yourself.

Dressing up was half the fun. The other half was the sea of nerds in a collective conscious of awesome culture. So many people don’t even know. When you tell someone that you’re going to a comic convention and they give a weird look…that someone is lost. These conventions are a convention in our freakin’ sweet melting pot of geek and jock alike. It’s a unifying group-think that lets us all be the same for a time. There’s no “king nerd,” just a bunch of nerds having a good time.

In conclusion: Stan Lee’s Comikaze was, is, and will continue to be a huge success. From brand new vendors who started their companies a couple months ago, to Troma celebrating 40 years of entertaining the crap out of people (sometimes literally). The next chance you get to go to a comic convention…do yourself a favor and go. It will be worth it.

Cable A La Carte


I was writing another post when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Cable, a la carte. Give it to me now, and give it to me fast.

My curiosity for Cable A La Carte started about 10 years ago. I was at a Steak ‘N Shake, 19 years old, and wondering why I couldn’t have only the channels I want. I saw a representative from Cox and I asked him, “Hey, would there ever be a way for me to only get the channels I want?” There are so many I’ll never watch, and I don’t wanna pay for that crap. “Yeah,” he said. “They’re working on that and it should be coming in the next couple years.”

Ten years later and here we are…still without Cable A La Carte.

My roommates and I only have the Internet, and we have no plans to get cable TV on top of it. What with Netflix, hulu, and the advent downloading and streaming sites (which you should NEVER DO…), there’s no reason to have cable TV anymore.
I recently saw an article on which told me that HBO will no longer be extra, on top of having to deal with the normal cable packages. They will, very soon, only be available online. This was amazing news! This sounds a lot like Cable A La Carte!

It’s not.

The thing that they’re doing is charging less, overall, for a bundle of Internet and 40 channels, with HBO and HBO GO. This is quite an improvement over the old system of having to pay a billion dollars (or close to it) just to have cable, Internet, and HBO.

So, apparently, we have a long way to go before everything will just be available for online streaming, so long as you’re paying for the Internet. This also makes me think that we’re still far off from Cable A La Carte. It’s what I want, and I think it’s safe to assume that it’s what we all want.

Get rid of all of those channels you never watch, and go with the ones you want. How does 6 channels at $30/month sound? And if you ever need more channels, go online, add them to your monthly bill at $5 each. Simple, easy, to the point…maybe $2.50 each. Depending on the quality of the shows on the channel. Gimme it. Gimme it now. I’d be able to get rid of my hulu Plus without having to worry about a show expiring (for a while at least) and Netflix would be a luxury at this point.

Start an outcry, start a riot, punch some walls and show the Cox/Comcast/Roadrunner/What-have-you people your bloody knuckles. Get out there and wreak some havoc!!