Cable A La Carte


I was writing another post when it hit me like a ton of bricks. Cable, a la carte. Give it to me now, and give it to me fast.

My curiosity for Cable A La Carte started about 10 years ago. I was at a Steak ‘N Shake, 19 years old, and wondering why I couldn’t have only the channels I want. I saw a representative from Cox and I asked him, “Hey, would there ever be a way for me to only get the channels I want?” There are so many I’ll never watch, and I don’t wanna pay for that crap. “Yeah,” he said. “They’re working on that and it should be coming in the next couple years.”

Ten years later and here we are…still without Cable A La Carte.

My roommates and I only have the Internet, and we have no plans to get cable TV on top of it. What with Netflix, hulu, and the advent downloading and streaming sites (which you should NEVER DO…), there’s no reason to have cable TV anymore.
I recently saw an article on which told me that HBO will no longer be extra, on top of having to deal with the normal cable packages. They will, very soon, only be available online. This was amazing news! This sounds a lot like Cable A La Carte!

It’s not.

The thing that they’re doing is charging less, overall, for a bundle of Internet and 40 channels, with HBO and HBO GO. This is quite an improvement over the old system of having to pay a billion dollars (or close to it) just to have cable, Internet, and HBO.

So, apparently, we have a long way to go before everything will just be available for online streaming, so long as you’re paying for the Internet. This also makes me think that we’re still far off from Cable A La Carte. It’s what I want, and I think it’s safe to assume that it’s what we all want.

Get rid of all of those channels you never watch, and go with the ones you want. How does 6 channels at $30/month sound? And if you ever need more channels, go online, add them to your monthly bill at $5 each. Simple, easy, to the point…maybe $2.50 each. Depending on the quality of the shows on the channel. Gimme it. Gimme it now. I’d be able to get rid of my hulu Plus without having to worry about a show expiring (for a while at least) and Netflix would be a luxury at this point.

Start an outcry, start a riot, punch some walls and show the Cox/Comcast/Roadrunner/What-have-you people your bloody knuckles. Get out there and wreak some havoc!!

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