Stand-up Comedy Apartment Shows


I live in North San Diego County. I do stand-up comedy, and I was craving an open mic night that wasn’t 40 minutes away. I kept latching onto open mic nights that were close-by, but they would quickly slip through my fingers as they would close down and go away forever.

So then, I thought of something. Something great, something that no one could take away (unless I was told I couldn’t do it). I wasn’t going to ask for permission. The attendance might be low at first, but I knew this would turn into something awesome. I thought:

“I’m going to get OUR APARTMENT ready for a COMEDY SHOW!!”

I already had an amp, I quickly bought a microphone with a 1/4″ plug, now all I needed was seating. We had 5 folding chairs around the apartment. Our upstairs neighbor jumped at the opportunity to help. He collects scrap and other things people don’t want, to sell at the swap meet, and he conveniently had 9 chairs for us to use. With our 14 folding chairs, we’d prove to have enough to seat exactly the amount of people who would show up!!

A friend from work provided an outdoor heating torch-lamp-device (like the kind on fancy restaurant patios) and he also brought some lights to light up the stage.

I spread the word at work and I spread the word to as many comedian friends I could think of.

With a week of promotion time on facebook, the show was about to begin. 7 pm, sharp! Well, we didn’t start till 7:45. We waited for the cavalry to arrive, and they did. We filled up all the seats, we utilized the crap out of that outdoor heater-lamp thing, and there ended up being three comedians including myself.

We filled an hour of time, brightened some people’s night with a stand-up comedy show they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to see. Another great thing about this comedy show…it’s on Saturday nights. That first week was such a success that I’m going to put it on every Saturday night. I’ll be performing every Saturday night, along with whichever other comics can make it out, so…this is happening.

If anyone anywhere is interested, here’s a link to the humble little facebook page:

Enjoy! Support local and live stand-up comedy!


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