A Podcast is in the Works

For about 4 years now, I’ve been listening to podcasts. I started with one or two, branched out to seven or eight, then realized I couldn’t keep track of (and catch up with) all of the amazing podcasts out there.

I started (and continue) with Sklarbro Country, SModcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, and Professor Blastoff.

Sklarbro Country gives me the comedy I need from these twins, and all of their guests. I learned about SModcast when I was listening to WTF with Marc Maron (I haven’t been able to catch up with WTF, and I don’t know that I’ll have the time to in the future. What he does, and has done, though is amazing). I heard about Jay and Silent Bob Get Old from SModcast (that was an easy pull). I heard about Professor Blastoff on an episode of Sklarbro Country (since listening to these 4, I’ve also loyally listened to the Nerdist Writer’s/Comics Panels and You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes!).

The poddening awakened something in me. Do I want to entertain? Yes. Do I have stories to tell? Of course (who doesn’t?). Do my friends and I have great back and forth chemistry when talking about anything? Yeah. Yeah we do.

So I set out to make a podcast the likes of which have never been seen (heard). The Nerd Trifecta!! We recorded a lot of our conversations and I edited one of the episodes (for content, language, etc…that, took, forever). https://soundcloud.com/thenerdtrifecta

My attempts at the continuation of The Nerd Trifecta were soon thwarted by the feigning interest of my good friends Josh and Tyler. And so, The Nerd Trifecta became The Nerd (De)f(un)cta.

My spirit would not stay broken. Here I stand (sit) a couple years later, still getting the gumption to spread my word thoughts and brain ideas to the world. Another good friend, who goes by the name of Angela, has an awesome sense of humor, about a thousand stories, and we’ve never actually met in person (which makes the relationship a little more worthy of a podcast). We decided (with a little persuasion from my end) to start our own podcast: You And Me And Thoughts And Talk.

This would consist of me and her having Skype calls (recorded) and at some point being in the same room as one another, talking about thoughts and other talk. The thing with podcasts is that, if you don’t have a lot to say about one thing, you can say a little bit about a lot of things. No restrictions? No problem.

We have a few episodes in the can. I edited one together (taking out about 4 minutes that she didn’t feel comfortable with, which is totally fine), and it’s still about 45 minutes long. This will be the first episode of You And Me And Thoughts And Talk, or, YAMATAT.

Just a couple days ago, Angela decided she doesn’t want to do a podcast anymore. This will not stop YAMATAT. She’s fine with me carrying it on and doing whatever I will with it (ya know, podcast stuff), and so I will!

I’ll be hosting the same podcast, but I’ll talk with a different friend/colleague/acquaintance each time (there may, or may not, be return visits. What podcast DOESN’T have return visits??).

I’m done with this one.

Follow me on:

twitter @dougathan
Instagram (see twitter name)
YouTube www.youtube.com/moqboy

And a site will be up soon to contain YAMATAT. This is going to happen. Be ready. Prep your computers, ready your phones, cause your ears are going to get blasted with some comedy echoes. Did we shout into a canyon to get the effect? OF COURSE we did.

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