Sharknado Thrive!

Entertainment is awesome these days. Lost are the days when I’m flipping through channels, wondering what I want to watch, because I have NO MORE SHOWS to catch up on! I watch a lot of shows, it’s hard to keep up. Right now I’m really into:

Blood Drive, Twin Peaks The Return, Preacher, Rick And Morty, Game of Thrones, Last Week Tonight, Animals…as of right now, that’s it. It’s all I’ve had time for, along with work and my other interests and my podcast, etc. Life.

There is a HUGE group that loves Sharknado. I’m not talking about BAD sci-fi, in general, just Sharknado. There are 5 of them now. They are all bad. It’s watching something to have a shared negative experience together. It’s fine, it’s just not for me. The Sharknado movies, specifically, are dumbing down the world.

We’ve been slowly led into an entertainment oblivion. Phrases like “But it’s fun” and “It’s just a movie” and “It’s SUPPOSED to be BAD” are gonna give rise to paragraphs sans contraction, sentences sans sense, and people who don’t know what “sans” means.

Idiocracy is real. Mike Judge saw it coming 10 yrs ago. We see it creep into our lives with all the Google Homes, Alexas and whatever the fuck Apple is calling theirs.

Smart home. Get a SMART home. It’s hackable. Have you seen Mr. Robot? ALL their hacking is possible. All of it tracks. Lady had a SMART home, turned into a Shart home.

To those who’ve told me “Just don’t watch it” I agree. I’ve been the person saying “Just don’t watch it” cause no one wants to hear shit-talk about something they truly love.

Horror made poorly, for laughs, is fine. Sharknado is where I draw my personal line. Watch it, love it, enjoy hating it. I’ll be over here, watching things I love. Things that make me genuinely laugh, not laugh because it’s bad.

“That movie looks SO bad…I must see it.”

“That movie looks SO bad…I’ll sit this one out.”

Choose this day what you will consume. I’m gonna keep making/writing/watching cool shit.

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