Day 69

Hey y’all.  It’s been about 69 days as a person without a home aka #Roofless. I still get awkward looks and sad faces when I tell people.

It’s a sad thing; Don’t get me wrong. When you’re talking with someone  about the thing that’s ever present in their life, the last thing that person wants is to feel bad about it in that moment.

This is sort of a PSA, I guess. If we meet, and I’m still homeless, and I casually bring up that I’ve been sleeping in my car, ask me something. Ask me anything. Keep me in the conversation because I’m very much a part of it.

Share #CarChat, which I’ve put all over IG/facebook/twitter/tumblr

I’m gonna go grab some pizza, which will last 3~4 days  and I’m gonna eat it while I watch the new Harmontown LIVE on my mobile device. Also I’m gonna get a Big Gulp. Shout-out to 7-Eleven and their wonderful deals!

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