The World (As a TV show)

If I were writing “The World” as a TV show, the next thing I see coming is a weird-ass quadfecta of evil, with the US/Russia/China/N Korea. There’s money to be made and people to control.

Simple minds will say things like “Hey, I’m just gonna keep my head down and try to survive,” while many will die, just trying to get medical attention to survive.

Water and oil scarcities will rise, rich people with reserves and reservoirs will be fine.

The Quadfecta of evil will go around to suffering countries and buy them, to spread their hatred and fear, much like they’ve already done here.

More will fall under societal pressures to “Just give in, it’s gonna be this way for a while” while others, myself included, won’t lose hope.

Net Neutrality will waiver in the wind while governments and foreign powers charge companies just to use the internet. Prices will go up. The poor/homeless will have even less of a voice than before. No one will listen; Too much of a chore.

A lovable Lyme Disease-riddled street rat will come up with a plan. This plan would not only help him get a place to live again, but would also end homelessness the world over.

Many would reach out to the lovable street rat, promising fame or instant money, in exchange for all he had left, his intellectual property.

If he gave this away, at ANY cost, all would be lost. No, he’d need a network of friends and family strong enough, and believing enough, to help spread word of this dope-ass world-saving plan.

Oh hello; You’ve been reading this the whole time?

Quadfecta of evil will be broken up when Trump goes to jail. He’ll get out in like 10 yrs but with many Arrested Development-type visits. The Quadfecta will continue, though, with Mike Pence newly at the helm of this combusting ship.

While the lovable street rat begins to end all homelessness, a new era is born. There will be peace and growth. Love and exchange. Laughter and hope.

The world is being torn apart and it’s all because of promises of paper with assigned value. Or a picture if the president’s dick.

More students and innocent people will die from more shootings. People don’t feel very safe anymore. Not really. Even those in power and financially stable are yelling on the internet every day, hoping and screaming for an answer.

Cemeteries will be “too full, too quickly” so getting cremated will be mandated by the government. The government will also start drilling for oil in those full cemeteries. “The oil has to come from somewhere!” Trump will say.

Global warming will become known as “an ATTACK on OUR soil, endangering our people.” Trump will then start finding ways to HURL things directly AT the sun, hoping to extinguish its “bright light”.

Travellers will arrive from a parallel universe to “fix things” as they put it. Far be it from us to stop them, for they have a plan. First to expunge Donald Trump from ever having been in the White House, for ever holding a political position. It’ll be a straight up mutiny and his staff will not stop it from happening.

In his later years (right now) he’s become increasingly paranoid. It could be that Russia, N. Korea, and China have him by the balls and can control his every move, but WHO’S TO SAY??

If Trump remains in office for 2020 – 2024, I’m calling it now, a sequel to our Civil War. Those who’ve felt oppressed over the past presidency will find a patch of sand and like an ostrich take up residency. If you’re following Trump you’ve lost all credibility for one who believes in individuality. You are weak, or as he says “loyal”. Treating this Cheeto dick like he’s a royal. Treating this constitution like a toy, you’ll see he’s guilty then you’ll all sing like Susan Boyle.

The melting pot is real and mass poverty is realer. If you don’t believe in global warming you might as well be a shifty used car dealer. If this was Return to Oz, you’d be a Wheeler.

What truly comes next is up to all of us. From voting at the midterms to regaining each other’s trust. I hope to see most guns in the future, rust. It’s equality & freedom for all or bust. I hope no one reading has any blood lust, but you might as well make yourselves known if you must.

If you, or anyone you know, is currently supporting Donald Trump, or claims to NOT support him and secretly does NOTHING to rail against him and his apocryphal presidency, speak up. Shout out. If you make your friends and family feel DUMB for voting for a dum-dum, well that’s a nice step forward.

If we all, collectively, as a nation, went to the White House to physically remove him from office, that’d be cool as hell. Pence too, get him the FUCK out of any position of perceived power.

It’s raining right now. I’m in the #cartent, trying to see if I could wait it out before this shit wants to leave my rectum. I’m gonna need to get wet. After all that it seems the least of  my problems.

Bye for now.

The World (As a TV show)

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