Guardians of the Galaxy is my new Iron Man (details below)

Iron Man is fucking dope, no denying it. It’s been my favorite Marvel movie for a really long time.

I just re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t re-watch movies often, especially lately being homeless and all. Free time is rough and I’m trying to get booked on shows, going out with friends, being in the world (I booked a stand-up tour while sleeping in the back of my car!). Homelessness takes its wear, ya know?

So Guardians. The writing is so fucking good, and there’s so much heart. I’m crying while writing this as leftover from just having watched the movie (like happy tears afterglow…that movie and I made love and it was beautiful).

Back to the point though. The movie is about friends in their worst places, sticking together cause we’re all misfits. We just have to find our group. There are a lot of them, groups. Like cliques but way more supportive. Sense of community. Family.

So the movie is going, and I’m laughing loudly while sitting in my car, Razer Adaro Wireless headphones aloft. Bradley Cooper has one of my favorite lines in all cinema/TV, associated with kicking something: “You’re making me beat up grass!” I died. It hit me so hard I experienced a crushing levity.

I started crying when they all stood “in a stupid circle” like Rocket said. I cried when he jumps out and saves Gamora, cried when the Xandarian pilots lined up to sacrifice themselves to stop Ronan. I cried at “WE ARE GROOT” cause separated and fighting with each other we’re nothing, but together WE ARE Groot. Shout-out to Vin Diesel on his awesome performance.

Drax laughing hysterically as they shot their shit through Ronan’s. Another moment of crushing levity. Let’s not forget the seemingly throwaway line about them not giving to his dad cause he was a jerk (Kurt Russell).

When they escape the prison, when they go to Knowhere with the head of a celestial being. Holy shit, I love this movie so much.

It was especially heartwarming that, when st their darkest hour, they knew they had to sacrifice themselves to save the planet and they were willing to do it together, as friends.

Friendship is rare. Do ya know what I’m saying to ya friendship is rare (Shout-out: Tenacious D).

So to the point of this whole thing, I love my friends. I miss y’all who are far and I’m happy to hang with any who are close. Let’s hit the arcade, or re-watch Guardians. Can I crash on your couch? Floor? I’ve got the car-tent if not.

Im gonna get back to writing this show that’s gonna be fucking rad and funny and I could see it being on Syfy or FX. Possibly HBO or Netflix. Those are my wishes. I’ll get back to you (the royal “You” as in the entire internet) once it’s done.

Oh yeah, please listen to my #podcast #YAMATAT aka #YouAndMeAndThoughtsAndTalkwithDougCulp aka @yamatat on twitter. OR on Apple Podcasts OR on Stitcher. 220 episodes! That’s over 4 yrs of podcasts!

Check out my IG @dougathan. I just, today, broke 1 million points on #Robotron2084, nestling my score in the 18 of 37 all-time high scores (on that machine). I walked out sweating and victorious. When played well, you’ll sweat in the arcade.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to donate to this lovable street rat, please do via Venmo: Doug-Culp.

Love ya buds. Watch Guardians again after reading this. And let’s hang.



P.S. Some things are starting to come together so that we can #EndALLHomelessness. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. Please hire me. I’m a writer/stand-up/podcast host-producer/font-creator/musician (piano/guitar)/blogger (obv)/livestreamer/visionary/badass.


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