Hi, hello! Welcome to my blog! Welcome back, if you’re back for another installment of “Doug wants to end homelessness and entertain the world till death, so HELP” (working title).

So hey. What’s up? I’m 5 pgs into my #ReadyPlayerOne spec screenplay. I’m writing a gritty/funny show which will change the world, and I’m homeless, aka, Roofless.

What’s it been like? Weird. Metaphorically and literally lame. Lyme Disease is a living shame. More meds would help, but insurance is a game. It has NOT been easy, e’en after multiple blood tests, CONFIRMING I have it. Insurance still says “Hmmm…are you SURE THOUGH???”

So dealing with Lyme has been less than sublime and my only way out is to show I’ve got clout. What am I talking about?

http://www.yamatat.com/podcast.html Moqboymedia.wordpress.com reallygladyoucame.bandcamp.com dougathan.deviantart.com twitter.com/dougathan /yamatat /duplexcomedy /DrDougSurgery amongst many more I don’t want to make you read right now.

Are you rich af? Hire me. Am I funny/writer/prolific af? Hire me and you’ll see!

Most who are floating have trouble promoting themselves, but not me. I’ve got #CarChat ya see?

I have 5 or 6 shows I could sell ON SPEC in the room aka tomb where dreams are aborted from the womb. I am pro-choice and have a voice which will echo thru millennia.

I have a plan to #EndALLHomelessness. This is to be taken very seriously, as I haven’t put specific details online yet. If it were to get into the wrong hands it’d be monetized and fucked.

Would you like to see something new, or another REDO? I’ve been writing/thinking/spewing all these dreams I’ve been pursuing. I can only hope for fewer shooings.

I’ve  written over 30 songs, been writing more as I struggle, don’t identify as a muggle (HP appropriation) I could use a fuckin’ snuggle.

The more I write, the more I smuggle. All my creations being muffled by my car-tent (homeless  remember??) feathers ruffled.

Sometimes while in the car-tent the sun bakes me and it takes me a moment to change clothes and own it. I’m here for bad money choices, I’m hoping to promote all the voices I’ve grown to love in comedy. Don’t shove me for my honesty. I’m a NON-UNION actor/writer perpetually, until someone let’s me show them exactly what I see.

Capitalism is crumbling. I haven’t been mumbling. I want to end all homelessness. Call me on the phone (call missed). Text me, flex me, sex me, wrecks me.

Jist give me a chance to prove that I can entertain the world.

Hire me.



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