The Aquabats

Saturday was a cool, crazy day.

My brother drove down as soon as he could to pick me up from my car-tent (see previous post aka Roofless). We went to Denny’s at my request and I ordered off the special Solo menu. Two Moons, over medium eggs. It was good. These days I’m mostly looking for something that will be easy to eat, cause Lyme Disease has ravaged my entire system.

When someone tells you they have Lyme Disease  believe them. Listen to them. Don’t give advice. Don’t look sad. Just treat me as if I’m a normal human who’s fighting a disease. I’m fighting it every day. (tomorrow getting more meds cause I’m feeble af. This will come back in the rest of my blog post)

Denny’s, check. Free parking near a bunch of tents where a small group was living. (see how I didn’t just say “a bunch o’ homeless people”? I am one of them. It’s easy to group people, especially the disparate masses for whom “WE’VE DONE ALL WE CAN. GOOD LUUUUUUCK.”) Check. Got to the line at like 5. Doors at 6:30 (really more like 7 tho).

Robbie (my 36 year old brother) is starstruck with all the awesome Aquabats cosplay. Oh, you’ve never seen the Aquabats? Most fans of theirs dress up like them/like versions of Aquabats. It’s fun as hell. So Rob’s like “That’s that dude, who makes his own commissions for merch.” Happy to talk with everyone who’s in line for the show. (a fun thing about Aquabats shows is that they’re ALL-AGES, so I waited till we were inside to heavily engage in any conversation. Didn’t even heavily engage, but I did dance my proverbial ass off…more on that later).

We ran and got merch before the show. Rob got me the limited edition pink vinyl of The Fury of The Aquabats, and he got a shirt and some enamel pins. I ran everything to the car before the show started, then navigated my way back through the The Fonda line and they remembered me from when I stepped out.

The show was about to begin  me standing there like a fucking idiot with my cane and feeble body ~3 standing rows from The Front. (The Front is a steadier place where I’d be able to lean on “the bars” so I wouldn’t have to crumple into a pile on the floor after my ligaments give out from the pressure.)

The opening band is IDK How, But They Found Me. Bassist from Panic! At The Disco, and his drummer (I don’t remember their individual names). They were fun, and good. The first song, I’ll never forget, talked about how “🎶No one likes the opening band🎶”. I laughed a few times to each punchline as I closely listened. I couldn’t hear some of the other songs cause the vocal mic needed some more volume. They had a fun set.

The curtain dropped, some people left The Front, and I was able to secure a hand on the bar, while being casually pushed back by this boyfriend/girlfriend couple who were drunk and making out. At one point I had to drop my arm cause it was feeling weak (I AM REALLY VERY PHYSICALLY WEAK FROM LYME DISEASE. A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T BELIEVE IT CAUSE THEY HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT IT IS). The drunkies left The Front as the girlfriend character seemed like she was fading out. I finally had a spot!

Secure against the bars in The Front, it was now officially ON.

Oh shit, I forgot to mention, The Aquabats released this album called The Fury of The Aquabats 20 yrs ago. This was a show where they played through the entire album front to back. I know this album so well that, as the MC Bat Commander was reading the verbiage from Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates, he stopped and playfully said ~”Do you wanna finish it?” I did, but he kept going.

Travis Barker aka the drummer for Blink 182 aka Baron Von Tito made an appearance for a few songs in the middle of the album playthrough. That was dope. I remember seeing him play with the band live all those years ago.

There were lots of inflatables, smoke on the stage, and the band was having fun. They usually do. I sang along to every word. The whole time my belt was rubbing against my shirt and into the bars, ensuring a weird metallic sweat-filled stain on my Rx Bandits Progress shirt. Battle scars. Come with the territory.

I was reminded earlier of a time I saw The Aquabats play HOB San Diego. A boyfriend wanted to propose onstage to his girlfriend during “Red Sweater”. He didn’t, know, the words, to the crux of the song. It was embarrassing for everyone involved  especially to the new fiance.

They finished their set, they came back for an encore, and during Pool Party, the Bat Commander tosses me the mic during the chorus! They had a camera in my face from behind “the bars” and I sang my little heart out. It was dope af. I also caught Ricky Fitness’ drumstick at the end of the show.

All exhausted, me a sweaty mess, I was ready to go. Rob wanted to wait around for the band. I’m glad we did, cause we met Crash and he said he might do my podcast! (#YAMATAT aka #YouAndMeAndThoughtsAndTalkwithDougCulp).

We ate at Tommy’s after the show, I was able to take a shit in their toilet, then I was taken back to the car-tent.

Earlier I went to Maria Bamford’s hour set at 4pm. Right now I’m waiting to go into this other show (both free). This one has Andy Kindler, Hampton Yount, Subhah Agarwal, and Kaseem Bentley! It’s gonna be dope.

I found parking w/o street sweeping for tomorrow, so the car-tent will probably go up after the show. Being homeless is weird af. I’m dealing.

I had to call Chase to beg them to reverse an overdraft charge which occurred at the same time as a Venmo payment, which would have brought me back into the green!

Speaking of green, I have a gig coming up on 4/20. Hell yeah.

If anyone wants to donate to the #DougCanHardlyPayHisBills Foundation, my Venmo is: Doug-Culp.

Meanwhile I got a match on Tinder, I tried to play some Pot Farm: Grass Roots on a stream earlier, and I’m super active on social medias.

Oh yeah, I finished watching #WildWildCountry last night (on a Netflix 30-day trial) and it’s SO GOOD. Watch it. WATCH IT! 😌😌

All right. This was long, could’ve been longer. I’m getting ready to go sit in the show space.

Oh yeah, come see me do stand-up in Glendale on 4/21! I’ve gotta update my show calendar on (but under the shows section). It’s a FREE SHOW!

Love ya buds.



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