Donald Glover, Please do my podcast.

Hey Donald,

I don’t know if you’ll read this, but I fucking love your music dude. Just wanted to say that. You’re inspiring af.

So, earlier I tweeted one of those knee-jerk tweets, about a podcast called “Awards Chatter”. I basically said I’d rather kill myself than to listen to a podcast glorifying trophies.

The meaning behind awards is valid  the feeling is true  cause tradition exists, only because it keeps existing. I believe the awards culture in Hollywood, in the world, needs to change.

I’ve developed a plan to end all homelessness, and I’d love to have you on my podcast to talk about it off mic after the ep. This info is important and if it falls into the wrong hands, It’ll get monetized and fucked over.

I have a friend who owns a solar company, and he’s ready to help. Can’t really say more than that on the cloud. The data that scoots along this infinite highway of bullshit.

But it can also be fun. I’ve had this blog for a while and only just started writing in it again, for therapeutic reasons if I’m being honest. It’s tough being homeless aka Roofless. It’s been 5 months in the back seat if the car, and I’m determined.

I’m a stand-up comic  I don’t go up much. Depression’s weird. Pretty sure I’ve got it. I booked a small tour up the coast though, in May. This shit is reading like a sad play. Anyway. I’m listening to Awaken, My Love for the hundredth time and trying to rhyme while dealing with Lyme. Muscles feeble af, body’s run out of luck, hit my life like a truck, now I’m stuck, but I’m not dead. Not done. Gonna save everyone from the government’s guns and the hateful un-fun.

Fuck the corporation. Adopt cooperation. Love in every nation. This is our cantation. (and then ya dance).

My bigger point is about this podcast I never listened to but, instead, criticized on name alone. Maybe “Awards Chatter” is about the positive discussion that’s going on AT the awards. If it’s about the trophies themselves, I don’t see it holding much weight.

I hope it will focus on the important issues that are being talked about in this very important time we’re seeing unfold before our eyes.

People are waking up to the possibility that we’re living in a simulation (great ep, I fucking love Atlanta. It’s beautiful.)

In these times of tyrants howling with their sirens, demanding silence, loving violence, denying responsibility, losing themselves, to themselves, for just a little pee.

The thing that’s more important than awards is humanity. This bullshit with Sean Hannity, the literal insanity of those who’ve forgotten how to care about democracy. It’s not a fuckin’ theocracy, though there are some who wish it’d be. Not you and me, see?

I’ve been doing my podcast for over 4 yrs now and I started it because I wanted to talk to the world. I had a handful of funny friends and wanted to record our conversations. Record life. So I started You And Me And Thoughts And Talk with Doug Culp, a podcast by me, Doug Culp.

I took 2 weeks of, then I made a website on a notepad doc. Figured out how to produce it with Audacity and publishing the xml, that’s a complicated and boring story. I’ve been writing in my journal every night for the past 15 yrs. That’s pretty fun. I can go way back. I don’t usually go back, but I could, and that’s dope. Keeping a personal history is important, because history is all we have. Pictures help. Instagram is fine.

Hanging out is where the real shit happens. Sorry if I stray I’m high af and feelin’ great. My bigger point, with the awards, is if we really want to be a positive change in the world, we could stop putting so much weight behind the trophies themselves  but more in what they mean.

I wish there was a show where “The Academy” whomever they are, sit around and talk about their favorite movies of the year. Why they loved them. Have an objective in the room vote where you just end the bullshit veil we’ve bought into for so long.

It’s fun, it’s elegant, but we’re dying as a country and seeing it happen in real time.

Some have chosen complacency with what’s happening in the world with our dum-dum pre$ident shronald frumf. I sense a weird-ass quadfecta of evil with us at the center, Russia, China, and N Korea. We’ll just have to sit here groovin’ on it…or we could DO SOMETHING about it!

We know that money is not the most important thing, but it controls us. Money allows us to keep living. Instead we should help each other keep living. This cultural shift has reached a breaking point. We can’t pretend human life doesn’t matter, cause it matters most. If it doesn’t we’re toast, all burned up in a roast, gloatin’ bout who matters most. Host to host. Like a ghost, we disappear, and in the end, we shouldn’t fear, each other, brother.

I have Lyme Disease, and the government doesn’t care if I die. They’ve given me medicine but it hasn’t been enough and it hadn’t been consistent cause it’s expensive af. I’m on Medi-Cal so they’re REALLY getting nothing from me. The corporations that run our healthcare are corrupt and run by greed. Big pharma is a big problem.

I’ve run out of steam, but if anyone I know knows Donald and directs him to this, that’d be dope.



Venmo: Doug-Culp

P.S. I just finished writing this pilot about a homeless vigilante called Roofless. It’s gonna be really fun. Probably FX, Syfy, HBO of they want it. Oh AMC maybe. I’m not represented and I booked that stand-up tour. Living in the backseat of my car and chasing the dreams. This show is gonna save my life. I hope my podcast can do that in some way. Bring people together who love what I’ve been able to do. And so I’m asking you:

Will you do my podcast?

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