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Hey all. Hopefully you’ve been brought here by one of my previous posts, or from my podcast ep, which I’m just about to edit together, called “Read My Blog”.

Now that we’re all gathered, the important part. My podcast needs sponsorship and, assuming the companies will have me, I’d like to pick my own sponsors.

Here is a list of all the companies whom I’d wish to help by them helping me + Promo codes + discounts and all that stuff:

7-Eleven (Oh thank heaven)

Mountain Dew (Free Dew of any flavor – see my youtube.com/dougculp audition to be their spokesperson)

Domino’s (what if I got a free Large 3-topping for every 3 people who used promo code: “YAMATAT”?)

Popeye’s Chicken (I never ever ever eat KFC since I’ve discovered the goodness of Popeye’s)

Dollar Shave Club (Cheap af razors and BUTT WIPES too!)

HBO/Netflix/Hulu (Free streaming from customers using promo code: YAMATAT)

JetBlue/Virgin Atlantic (free local/international flights for promo code: “YAMATAT”)

Super 8/Motel 6/etc (Free hotel stays thanks to promo code: “YAMATAT”, I am technically homeless right now)

Pep Boys (Tune-ups & tires, oil changes, fix my car)

MetroMile car insurance: Pay what you drive (covered monthly insurance)

WeedMaps/Leafly/Nugg.com (promo code: YAMATAT will get me green and pieces and things like that)

If enough people reach out to these companies for me  o  their own accord, this could work. Maybe not each and every one, but it’s possible. Who knows? Who knows how big companies like Viacom get big companies on board for advertising space. Probably started with one person reaching out.

That one person is me, and I’m reaching out to you, the listener. Hopefully also the reader (and vice versa).

I’ve got my Venmo: Doug-Culp set up, in case anyone wants to help out without helping these other companies.

You can see it, right? This random entertainer, bursts onto the scene and all by himself, no agent/manager I mean. If enough people truly believe in me and my ability to entertain the world, you’d see a change. We can change the “face” of Hollywood and fame. Make sure everyone’s got a name.

I want to have a late-night talk show, and, it’s called You And Me And Thoughts And Talk Show with Doug Culp. Podcast connection, LIVE on TV, instant show. Come along with me won’t you?

Let’s explore the imaginative side of creativity.

No more re-boots or re-do’s. Sambas are the most comfortable shoes. Making jokes and telling news. I could certainly get some late night views. I hope more agree, don’t you(s)?

I’m a huge proponent for cannabis. I wanna open up a pot shop called Doug’s Nugs. I’ve got the IG and Twitter handles. Let’s get some hempwick and light the candles.

I have a plan to end all homelessness, in the world, forever, and it’s really something! If I get enough of a following on here, thru my podcast, sponsorships, we could really save the world.

Right now I’m just a dude, writing every platitude, trying not to have attitude, looking to get Mountain Dew’d.

My car registration is expired because I ha e no source of income (besides Venmo: Doug-Culp thank you again for any and l who have donated!) and a gig here & there.

I’m posting this the day of my training as a weed butler for a weekend of work at Cannabis Cup. After that, I don’t know what I’ll be doing for work. Hopefully I can meet some chill weed peeps at the event and it can lead to more weed work.

I wrote a pilot. This show is gonna end up on AMC, FX, HBO, or Syfy. Those are my choices. It’s about a homeless vigilante who’s being chased by the government. Sounds fun right? I want to direct, executive produce, show run, star, in it. It’s gonna be A TON of work, but I’m looking forward to it!

So, to recap:

-Podcast sponsorship (please rate and review on iTunes, 5 stars + “Help this guy get work” or something like that)

-You And Me And Thoughts And Talk Show with Doug Culp (my own late show with which to have tons of fun and interact with everyone)

-TV pilot about the homeless vigilante.

-Venmo: Doug-Culp

-Ending. All. Homelessness. Forever.




@dougathan @yamatat @DougsNugs @duplexcomedy @DrDougSurgery

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