Smallville, Toxic Masculinity, and “Incels”

Smallville was near and dear to my heart. I watched it all, week to week. For 2 yrs I was out of the country and I asked my dad to tape it for me. See there was this thing called a VCR, and you had to put the movie into the VCR, on a VHS tape. It wasn’t ALL VHS, though, oh no. DVD, HD DVD, Laser Disc…so Smallville. Cool show. It was fun, sexy, dangerous, one could say it was trying to be the Buffy of the DC world. 10 seasons! Michael Rosenbaum, I loved you as Lex, and Lionel you were great too! So many times I’d catch myself saying “Just tell him, Clark!” (if he’d have told him early on, Lex wouldn’t have turned out how he did)

Smallville had this character named Chloe. I rooted for Chloe cause she was the girl next door; the choice that Clark had all those years and instead chose Lana (Kristen Kreuk 💯).

Chloe represented what was good in all of us. She was chaotic good, and that led to LOTS of chaos. Off-screen more than on, apparently.

She helped this guy run a sex cult called Nexivm (pronounced “Nexium”) and she made girls have sex with the top guy, and it was a pyramid scheme, the guy being the top of the pyramid and Chloe (Allison Mack) right underneath. Words like “Master” and “Slave” were strewn about, and apparently this had been going on for the past 20 yrs. They did the scientology thing where they made you admit past indiscretions on camera and would treated to leak it all if you left.

Scary shit.

Toxic masculinity is a curse on this world as has been for ages.

Toxic masculinity has been linked to monogamy, violence, jealousy, insecurity, religion, war, et al.

It’s basically the belief that “A man needs to be a MAN”. That includes guns, the media’s standards for beauty, and gym memberships. Being fit is not bad by any stretch. But if you put too much emphasis on it, it’ll make you vein.

I had some leftover pizza earlier and it was really good. Thanks again Domino’s for owning up to your past bad pizza and fixing it.

Back to TM. It propagates the lie that the nuclear family is the only way to go, and that everything else is a threat to it. TM also produces “Incels” or “Inadvertently celibate” dudes. They’re aggressive, mean, and take out their personal woes on women and in terrorist acts.

Canada was just hit by one of these “Incels”. I’ve got a handful of friends from Canada. Hope you’re all safe up there.

Incels, if you’re listening/reading this: go out more. Go to see bands play, to see stand-up and other comedy shows, get out of the house but, most importantly, get out of the house. Place yourself in social situations so as to MAYBE meet someone who loves you for who you are, not for what you look like.

Standards of “beauty” are all over the place in this world. “How can I even date anyone when I look like THIS?!” should not come into anyone’s mind. Beauty is seen differently, person to person.

Aggressive men are still out there. They still exist. For what are you compensating? What inward validation would you need to possibly leave me alone instead of acting like an aggressive bro? Mad bro? We all die and every day we’re reminded of it because of our shitty president, the NRA, and insane INCELS purportedly “involuntarily celibate”. Go OUTSIDE and TALK to HUMANS in PERSON.

These will be the mobile militias. These will be the “problem areas” which will lead to more deaths and less understanding.

I hope I’m wrong about the weird-ass quadfecta of evil. I hope Trump and the majority of his cabinet go to jail…REAL jail, and that most of them get solitary confinement. These fuckers need to be put in TIME-OUT.

You’re about to start a nuclear holocaust over Twitter. TIME-OUT!

You believe in Gay-conversion therapy. TIME-OUT!

You believe that “good people don’t smoke marijuana.” TIME-OUT!

I could go on and on about the president and how much of a fucking moron he is. I know that most who voted for him are either digging their heels and heads into the sand, and hoping for the best, or they’re in open fields, burning swastikas, hoping for the horrible to happen.

Tom Welling, I’m sorry the Red-Blue Blur couldn’t stop Allison Mack from joining and helping run that sex cult.

Macho dudes out there, smoke some weed, chill out, watch Wild Wild Country.

Beauty standards, makeup industry, whomever the FUCK first thought of Botox injections: Fuck you. Fashion is a facade, perfumes and colognes ensure artificial chemical smell, and sometimes we need free Wi-Fi at a café!

Quick side: If you have more than enough money, and you don’t understand “homeless people” aka “the huddled masses” aka “ME RIGHT NOW”, don’t talk shit. Reach out. Ask, learn, educate yourselves o  “the disparate masses” cause we “street people” are alive too. We have hopes and dreams, just like anyone else.

Some of those hopes might be as simple as “I hope I get to shower this month. That’d be nice.”

Or as complex as “I hope someone sees my writing, realizes I’ve got loads to say to the public, so much so that I’ll get sponsorship for my podcast (7-Eleven, Mountain Dew, Netflix) and maybe I get representation or maybe I Bill Murray my way through this business and only work with those whom I truly wish to work with.”

Or like “Someone please make a documentary about me and my Lyme Disease and the hardships I’m going through to tell my story and spread awareness of bad doctors and of Lyme Disease.”

Watch Atlanta. Watch Legion.

Thanks for reading.



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