How Monogamy has Contributed to the Gradual Downfall of Society

Heavy title right?

“But Doug, your parents are monogamous, so were your grandparents etc.!”

Yes. I hear you, I see you, and if you’re a macho dude, I fear you. Here’s what’s up.

I was talking about “toxic masculinity” in my last post. Monogamy has contributed to toxic masculinity. How many times have we heard someone making fun of dick size, height, general apparition as humans? We’re all just waiting to die, and yet, some people still make it their goal to put people down!

“Beauty” is a word that’s thrown around. If you’re “not beautiful,” then why live at all? “If I’m not fashionable, people won’t like me.” BULLSHIT. People will like you if you’re not up on the “hottest trends” or know who any of the bands are at Coachella. The dumb ones, TMs, shallow fucks, they are the ones to stay away from…or shine a light on how their point of view is the old way. “Why are you being so aggressive? We’re all connected by the internet and Wild Wild Country (Sheela was a sociopath with too much power at a young age. Minus Sheela going after Bhagwan’s doctor and the Hollywood people, minus the hotel bombing, minus the orange/red/pink clothing and screaming meditation, it could’ve worked. I think some Rajneeshees are still around). Beauty, is subjective. No one is “more or less beautiful” than anyone else, because there is someone, maybe many someones, for everyone. Have you heard of pheromones? Have you ever thought of your partner “You smell disgusting, take a shower!” That, is nature, telling YOU, that you maybe shouldn’t fuuuck. On the contrary, have you ever thought of your partner “Whoa…you smell aMAZING!” That’s nature telling you and the other body, to fuuuck. Have sex. Make love. Hook up. Get together. Mash bits. 69. 420. Cuddle. Don’t cuddle (do cuddle). Close. Medium-close. Glenn Close.

What are we doing? The presidency of shronald frumf has taught us that all are fallible. EVEN THE PRESIDENT. Trump is a piece of shit. He’s lonely af, as seen by him trying to pinky hold Melania’s hand, but he doesn’t deserve her or anyone. Cheating with multiple women, while his wife was pregnant. Despicable ME Is about HIM (maybe, I still haven’t seen it. He’s a villain, yes?) He deserves to be locked up in a federal super-duper max prison in solitary confinement to thing about what he’s done! He’s a menace, he ONLY cares about rich white people, and he puts down everyone else. If you’re a Trump supporter, currently, wake the fuck up. He does not care about you, he certainly doesn’t care about Kanye West.

Kanye “making moves” to be friendly with DT, cause of what…TAXES?! Real HARD, K. *Shaking my head*. If he’s truly reaching out to the president to try and affect him and give him good ideas, maybe I see it. It looks like, though, a rich guy going “Whoa this hotel magnate at the top of the United States is going to benefit me financially, VERY much. I don’t CARE what happens to anyone else.” It’s how it feels, too. Deep down, Kanye, you have to punk the shit out of Donald Trump and the entire GOP. Humiliate the fuck out of him. Distribute the PEE-PEE TAPE. That’d be the most badass thing ever.

Kanye, if you do this, you could save America from its toxic masculinity. Be on the side of women on this one. Trump does not give a shit about women.

But I digress. One reason Donald Trump has been divorced twice…maybe he’s polyamorous and would never know it cause he’s an old, set-in-his-ways fuck, who wouldn’t even explore it as an intellectual possibility. So he’s fucked up and fucked other women, porn stars, hired prostitutes to piss on the bed where the Obamas Slept in Russia. All cause, what…you were threatened by people liking him more than you? Toxic masculinity. Trump is led, like LOTS of men and women, by their pride. Their senses of self. “If I do that, what would people think of me? Good heavens. 🧐” “I can’t cry in a movie or TV show, cause I’m a man, and real men don’t cry.” What the fuck? Who sold you that dreck? Was it Shrek? Gregory Peck? Kiss each other on the neck.

People have bought into this narrative, for so long, that “the man and woman get married, they have kids, maybe go to church every Sunday, and keep humanity going.”

Humanity can continue with many polyamorous people. That phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” What if everyone just knew and contributed to everyone around? What if people talked again? There’s a ton of communication missed out on from toxic masculinity people, being very possessive of “what’s mine. I own her and she owns me. That’s why we got tattoos of each other’s names, and vials of each other’s blood that we carry around on our necks. No, YOU’RE weird!”

When I bring up polyamory, people go “😌😌 I can hardly handle ONE relationship, I couldn’t imagine MANYπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚”

It doesn’t work like that. At least, it doesn’t have to. If you’re polyamorous you might be dating someone, you might even end up living with them, and you’ve both agreed that you can see other people. Maybe together, maybe separate. Maybe you never live with anyone but, instead, hope to go on dates and take a shower, grab a shave maybe a haircut, while perhaps also hooking up, and having a place to sleep for the night (this has worked for me zero times, but I have had some nice friends reach out and offer me a place to sleep for the night. Most nights I sleep in the “car-tent”, which I may or may not have already explained in my previous “Roofless” post, “A Month Without a Home” or others. It’s basically the car cover and I’m inside with some anonymity. It’s given me some much-needed solace in this tumultuous time in my life. Being homeless sucks, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Being able to stretch out ALL THE WAY while going to bed at night? I miss that). Maybe it’s friends who hook up sometimes. Maybe it’s only kissing. I don’t know. Many types of people in this beautiful world.

Some of the scarier types are the toxically masculine, or TM. These TMs are worried that “the fabric of society will unravel and we’ll just have chaos and sex piles.” Polyamory doesn’t immediately mean “sex pile”. It could; doesn’t have to, though. That’s as unimaginative as me saying “I bet ALL monogamous couples have sex in missionary every time, the whole time!”

To demonize polyamory is as toxic as TMs concerned with their significant others as possessions. To demonize polyamory is to lie and say that you’ve never ever thought about having sex with another person. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean you’ve got to snuff it out.

I’m not saying “Hey everyone, break up with your significant others and fuck whomever you feel like, as long as it’s consensual of course.” the consensual part, yes. And yes, maybe it’s time to break up. Monogamy works for people. Most are content to “find someone”, stick with them forever, have kids and a family. Some are more content to live and date whomever, forever, and maybe have kids, or not. I’m of the latter…kinda funny cause I’m also formerly of the “latter-day saints” or LDS church.

I’m happy for the precepts the church has taught me. Be a good person. Love one another. Try to help those in need when you can and when they need. Don’t fuck people’s significant others. Don’t drink (I’ve always lived by this one). There’ve been 3 times where I consumed some alcohol: once at a party, where I asked if there was any in the juice, was told there wasn’t, and it tasted like juice so I drank like a quarter cup (good juice btw). Once at the last The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail (it was a cup o’ champagne I think? It wasn’t great, the symbolism of us all being a family there. It was dope, the drink not so much). Once while doing a micro-dose of acid mixed in with a tiny cup of sake. I don’t think I felt the micro-dose and I’m pretty sure I didn’t feel the sake.

Anyway, those instances aside, I just have never had alcohol. Never had the urge. I may be homeless but I have saved A LOT of money by not drinking. Weed is different. It’s medicine, AND it’s fun. It’s both, and it’s a beautiful thing. Never had a danger of a blackout. Driving’s been very chill.

Idiocracy is real, and we’re seeing its effects, watch Atlanta, Donald Glover’s doin’ great things on FX. Call or text. Resurrect, our much needed nude connect. Talkin’ sex. Playing chess. Or we play some NES. Pizza Domino’s finesse. Smokin’ doobies for a sess. Drinkin’ smoothies, fruit is fresh. I’m not calling you COLLECT. Using minutes, I respect. Hear our voices intersect. Don’t deflect, decompress. Tell me all about your stress. We undress, bodies pressed, to a climax, no distress.

I went on a 2-year mission to Dominican Republic and, as a result, am bilingual. There’s tons of toxic masculinity on “the mission” and I bet LOTS of guys/gals “in the church” find out many things about themselves while “in service”. It’s all pretty crazy. I’m writing G a book about my life called “LDFS: Growing up Mormon, Discovering Weed at 30, and then Getting Lyme Disease” just could use a publisher, maybe some money so I can focus on writing and living in a house, instead of worrying where to find parking, for free in my blog (which I’ll continue to do), and finding open gas station toilets in which to shit.

Book publishers: Hmu.



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