STOP Calling Homeless People “Homeless People”


Welcome to my blog. It may be your first time here, it may be your last. What’s certain is that homeless people have been called “homeless people” for far too long.

“But Doug, how ELSE can we group together and CLASSIFY those without homes?! How will I know WHOM to fear?!?”

That’s just it, hypothetical voice. What if, and hear me out on this one…what if “homeless people” were talked about as “people” and the language shifted JUST a little, to afford those without homes the decency to not be categorized and pigeonholed?

Oh what a DAY that would be!

See, it’s not about me, taking away your “ability” or “free speech” but, instead, it’s about empathy.

When people say “Well, why should Iiiiiii have to CHANGE the way I SPEAK, just to APPEASE the MASSES? THEY don’t matter, my FREEDOM OF SPEECH matters. You’re LIMITING me!”


If you believe that humans evolve, and have evolved, then it stands to reason that we’re not done evolving. It’s certainly been evident with this newfound resurgence of “pride” in nazis! What the FUCK are you saying if you’re defending NAZIS?! You’re spreading hate and vitriol, and it’s not helping anyone except for those who hate, marginalize, and GROUP.

Back in high school around mid-sophomore year, I stopped really giving a fuck about what people thought about me in “whichever clique” and, instead, tried to reach people at face value.

It’s tougher. People are naturally inclined to FIND SOMETHING WRONG about someone so that they can TEAM UP against them to NOT FEEL SO ALONE in the world.

I moved to Kentucky for freshman year of high school from Santa Maria, CA. The central coast. Nice area, not much to explore, but we had our moments. I was instantly OTHERED by some jocks who quipped “Nice shirt. What do you think this is, Florida or something?” “No…I just, got it at a thrift store, like the rest of my clothes.” There’s never a cogent response. Probably something about being poor. I was an “easy target.”

So yeah, sophomore year I was like “FUCK it. Fuck this school, fuck any student’s way of thinking they were better or ABOVE me in some way.

I won “Most original style” senior year. Translation: “We’re not sure what to do about you.” but I got the votes and won the superlative. It means nothing. Awards mean little-to-nothing. Symbolism BEHIND awards is excellent. “Your thing was DOPE af, we all loved it. Here’s a trophy.”

I think a LARGE part of the culture-changing and shifting in Hollywood and the creative realms could come from an awareness of how stupid awards are. I feel I’m repeating myself a bit so I’m gonna get back to the point.

People without homes are a plenty. They’re everywhere, I’m one of them, and I’m also amenable af. If you get to know me on a personal level, we just might get along (@dougathan on twitter/IG).

If you choose to marginalize the already downtrodden, punching directly below you, a “person with a job” a “gainfully employed” a “homeowner”, that is YOUR prerogative. It’s not required of ANYONE to BE NICE to anyone, but it feels pretty fucking nice whenever it happens.

I talk about my #carsleeping #cartent #urbancamping #tinyhomes #5starsToNotsleepincars liberally, because I don’t wish to be ignored. Ignorance is bliss until the entire country comes down and then there’ll still be people who say “It was probably all the homeless people”.

Today, April 26th, 2018, if you choose to BE ignorant, ignoring any and all news, hoping and grasping at the idea of “Everything will be ALL RIGHT” then you have proven that ignorance is piss. You’re just a piss bag who’s waiting to die, and WILLING to die while your friends and family suffer, all the while STILL going “Well I’M fine, fuck EVERYBODY else.”

When Mike Judge (shout out) made Idiocracy, he was certainly ahead of the curve. He saw what none of us KNEW would happen, but what was probably going to happen. We’re close. Our phones have us pacified. Reviewers and Spotify and Pandora ensure that we’ll ONLY Listen to what’s been given us, and Fox News is a tree house full of dumbass monkeys throwing bananas directly at the president, who is also a trained monkey.

Is he well-intentioned? No…well, maybe if whatever we’re talking about ONLY AFFECTS him and no one else. Other than that, if we’re talking about “the president’s concern with The American People”, he doesn’t give a FUCK about us.

Especially not, the homeless aka Roofless aka people without shelter.

This is what it comes down to.

Food, water, shelter, bathrooms, are ALL human rights, yes? Okay, now extend what you think a “human” is to ANYONE living in/on the street, because we are humans too. We are NOT just “homeless people” because we’re poor af and don’t have homes. We’re “homeless people” because no one is speaking up for us.

Even programs set in place to help “the homeless” address us as such. “Help The Homeless!” Who is that, is that one person? Does “homeless people” count as ALL OF THEM? Can I PLEASE get back to my new gaming system now?! Ugh, this #homelessness shit, is, depressing.

I am living it. I’m working gigs here and thee while I can. My phone batt is at 20%. I just turned on power-saver mode and data-saver mode because the car charger was NOT charging my phone. The batt level just keep gradually dropping.

So, yeah, call me whatever you want. Marginalize me, marginalize US. When did we become SO fucking divided as a nation? Why are we so willing to HURT someone, if it assumes it will lift US up??

I’ve been thinking about how, on most late shows, there’s still emphasis on making fun of how Donald Trump looks. I think, making fun of looks is low-brow, and boring af. It’s tired, it’s EASY.

Stop. Think. Come up with a better, more well-crafted joke.

I AM guilty of laughing at these jokes. We all are, and we all have been.

Like I said earlier, though, humans evolve. We are all here, trying to live our BEST lives until we die. That’s it. We’re all “struggling on different planes” (credit: Childish Gambino). Hoping people remember our names. Hoping we also avoid shames. Cracking frames. Playing games.

19% battery.

If you help me out by donating to my Venmo: Doug-Culp I will be eternally grateful. If you don’t/can’t, I completely understand.

“Why should I give money to this guy who’s trying to try and learning to fly? Help me with this mote in my eye? Got a stye. Eating pizza pie. It’s a tie. Let’s all let love and happiness thrive.”


In summation: next time you talk about “homeless people” please give “people without homes” a try. “Those without shelter” could also work.

“BUT FIRST AMENDMENT!” Lack of empathy.

A complete lack of empathy leads to sociopathic behaviors, like terrorist attacks, SWAT’ing, or just plain ol’ “not giving a shit” about whichever political/socio-economic situation.

Have empathy. Seek empathy. Elevate your discussions. Enjoy your time with friends and family alike.

We’re not here forever.

Rather now than never.

Venmo: Doug-Culp

Pls share. A RT can go A LONG way.

12% battery.



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