A Bold Experiment

In the past 6 months, I’ve experienced ALL kinds of discrimination for being homeless aka Roofless.

The most recent, of which, bothers the fuck out of me.

Rally’s/Checker’s saw that I’d been talking them up on twitter. It’s a smaller burger chain with the best fries in the entire world. It’s mostly back east (Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, OH had bunches of them, for which I am grateful. Ya Gotta Eat!). They also saw that I was on about a new offer to “Buy one Big Buford get one free!”

I don’t know if you can eat two burgers in a row, but I cannot. I find it unimaginable mostly because I have Lyme Disease and my gastrointestinal tract feels like it’s been whacked. It’s certainly out-of-whack. Not only can I not eat two burgers in a row, but I’d never want to, and can’t afford it either (homeless aka Roofless remember?).

Rally’s stepped up, asked me to hit up their DMs, asked for an address, to which they could send some coupons. I stay fed and they stay positive on the internet. Easy right??

Felipa had other plans. Not only was she reluctant to redeem said coupons, but she was incredulous that I’d received them at all.

Is it because I have most of my belongings IN MY CAR? Maybe. I don’t know what the fuck her problem is/was. I’ve since fixed the vested interest in ~”HOW AND WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE? YOU FUCKING STREET RAT!”

The fact is, coupons are coupons and if they’ve already been paid for…what’s the issue?

We pretend that “Capitalism is FIIINE.” or “We don’t wanna be Sweden!” Firstly, if you think capitalism is fiiine, you’re either rich, privileged, or both. Good for you, you’ve LUCKED into money/success/fame! The rest of us will grovel our entire lives, hoping for “a way out” of this bullshit system we’ve happily put in place.

“Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps,” they’ve said. “Get a job” they say. I’ve been pumping out creative content for the past 15 years, working all along, and sometimes working jobs WHILE homeless. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! “A homeless” took pictures of our family as a Santa photographer at the mall! “A homeless” told me about the benefits of cannabis and having a cannabis concierge!

“But Doug, if you’re HOMELESS (aka Roofless), HOW did they send you those coupons?!”

There’s a “postal annex” where mail that has no home, goes. Now that’s where I go, to get MY mail. That’s where they sent the coupons.

The experiment I’m proposing is radical af.

BUSINESSES: Send me your coupons (completely free items). I’ll go through and ONLY get those items, maybe a shake here and there, certainly more Rally’s fries. How did the business treat me? Was I treated as a human being? Was I ALLOWED to shit in their toilet, e’en tho my item wasn’t “technically” purchased by ME?

How’s your humanity?

Meantime, I’m setting up my digital hangout spot in Decentraland: The Chill Zone (Sonic comparisons accidental). I want, and have started building/planning a place for people to hang out and share interests.

Decentraland is MUCH bigger than just me. There are investors, hundreds who’ve already purchased digital LAND tiles with MANA. I’ve had SOME troubles working on this virtual funscape, cause I’m homeless aka Roofless, remember? (really and truly, if I don’t keep reminding people, they’ll get lost in my cogent thoughts and forget entirely that I’m in deep financial trouble).

I created a font! #FaceItFont and can be seen on my IG and also dougathan.deviantart.com

I write/have written MUSIC! Reallygladyoucame.bandcamp.com

I have Lyme Disease, which has rendered me and my muscles near-VOID. Have you ever been WINDED and sweaty after playing arcades? I miss being ABLE to play video games. FPS are certainly not an option. Too much stress on my radial nerves, which are SHOT (oh the irony).

So as I sit in the car-tent, writing this and hoping that the world will hear and share, I can only hope.

If I’M the sole person, pleading, promising, promoting my art and my survival, I’ll survive, and then I’ll die. Whenever it happens.

If YOU, the reader, take a moment to TWEET out, FACEBOOK share, hell even IG this article out somehow…I could get some serious help and I could keep creating and making the things I love and hope that you also all collectively care about.

If you know me and only KIND OF like me, help me reach more people. You could also be instrumental in helping me to end all homelessness, in the world, forever. I have a solution and it’s going to take some time. It’ll get ramped up once the Kickstarter/Indiegogo video goes up. In order to make it, I’ll need much more financial stability.

How about some writing work? Something I can do from anywhere, like the car-tent, since this is what I’ve got.

Hos about promotions on social media? Promo code: YAMATAT, DougsNugs, dougathan.

How about getting me onto some podcasts? If I’m able to spread my story with such a virile medium, PLEASE help me do that!

My own podcast just hit episode 225! My buddy Tiran was on and we talked about photo-journalism and the slow collapse of capitalism.

http://www.yamatat.com/podcast.html OR Apple Podcasts or Stitcher or PocketCasts…so many ways to ingest these ideas, thoughts, and talk.

I’m exhausted from asking for help, and I hope you share this. Tweet it at Mountain Dew. Tweet it at 7-Eleven. Tweet it at any and all people who do podcasts. Share. Help. Please.


Doug Culp

Venmo: Doug-Culp

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