Axe Cop

I found Axe Cop at an important time in my adult life. I’d moved to L.A  to pursue my dreams. I’d gotten a divorce, saved up money in an actual savings account, ran a stand-up show out of my Vista, CA apartment (Our Apartment Comedy Show. Because when you’re here, it’s OUR apartment.), and I did research.

I was always looking online for the best deals in rent. SO many deals! But here’s the deal. I got a room for $525/mo living with this ~50-something El Salvadoreña woman.

Ana, that’s her real name, she was pretty chill for the most part. She didn’t like having guests, and I had a podcast, so at a certain point she just didn’t want guests anymore. I have a podcast. Podcasts have guests, that’s how it works. She couldn’t care less about the internet. She said she barely used it for email. She watched Seinfeld reruns so I was like “Yeah, she’s chill.”

But the “no guests” rule won out, and I had to go. In the time I lived there I’d had a phone stolen from my hands. Walked to and did my first L.A. open mics at Meltdown Comics (RIP), iO West (RIP), S&C, Echoes Under Sunset, The Comedy Store, 33 Taps, Hollywood Hotel, We’re Having Fun Here in the attic of a Chinese Restaurant (RIP), and some others.

When I wasn’t doing comedy I was mostly alone, at my apartment. In my bedroom with my piano and my computer & guitar. I’ve never played any music shows here in L.A., but I’d like to. (though I am pretty weak from the Lyme Disease.)

Oh yeah, I’m going on tour, up to Bend, OR. I’m playing a theatre show! I’m gonna do like 30 min I think! They’re putting me up in a nice hotel! Sorry for all the exclamation marks, though I AM this excited.

So I was to share a ride w my friend/ex-roommate, down to Jim-Con. What is Jim-Con? Well that’s when me, Josh, Tyler, Jim (of the Jim-Con Jim) and Sandra get together and we chill out all weekend and there’s green friends and food that never ends, board games, and music. Jim-Con, is awesome.

As traditions are, this had been the tradition for the past 2 Thanksgivings/Friendsgiving. He’d made other arrangements, and we’re 2 days out now. No ride down. Shit, and at this point I’ve been kicked out of the duplex where I ran Duplex Comedy Suplex for 2 yrs as a free living room stand-up show.

I got a ride-share off Craigslist and a nice dude named Tyler drove me and Kra Tos and another passenger (Sorry I don’t remember your name!) down to San Diego (Jim-Con, remember?). We were all taking and laughing, and I’m doing some of the talking that’s making some of the laughing happen. Ya know, jokes. Kra Tos stops and goes “Have you ever thought about touring with your comedy?” (I’ve only been waiting my whole life for someone to ASK ME THAT!!) “Yeah!” He linked me up with his buddy in Bend, OR, which is where I’ll be going on tour. More on that later in this post.

People on TV have done my stand-up show (Duplex Comedy Suplex, remember?). Allen Strickland Williams, Jake Weisman, Joe DeRosa, Baron Vaughn, Dave Ross, Hampton Yount, Sheng Wang, Byron Bowers, Barbara Gray, Jamie Loftus! Jonah Ray and Jackie Kashian were on the SAME NIGHT! The living room was packed! That night was also Aldrin’s birthday, I’d gotten this special lineup together of some of his favorite comedians. It was a good friendship, until the work stopped coming. They Lyme Disease made it had to do most jobs I was presented with. From Production Assistant to job-jobs to regular acting/comedy gigs. My legs were feeling wobbly, and I was powering through (this was pre-cane Doug). They made me and this girl Jenna…pretty sure it was her, we chest-bumped with a jump. So I’m getting weaker and weaker from Lyme Disease, pre-diagnosis, so I’m like “My legs feel kinda weird. I don’t know why. It sucks though.” Fun shoot day, Udi’s: For Foodies (not an actual slogan, but I did think of that on the shoot day.)

So back to Duplex Comedy Suplex. I had my piano set up; It’s a Yamaha CP-70. People thought it had to be plugged in. There was always a cool shock factor to the surprise of “It’s an acoustic-electric touring piano with an actual harp & strings inside?!” And it is a touring piano, so it snaps into two separate cases with handles. Sometimes I’d play it during Asif Ali’s set. One time nobody showed up but the comedians, so we didn’t do the show, but I did ask them if I could play this new song I’d written called “Point of Order”. I wrote it around the time of the 2016 primaries when everything was getting more and more heated. We’re currently on fire.

So Axe Cop. I was at Comic-Con on my friend Bradd’s guest pass. He told me about it. I didn’t see any panels or check it out then. But THEN, there was WonderCon. I had a guest pass from Aldrin that year and we went to the Axe Cop panel. Ethan Nicolle was there (the artist and creator of Axe Cop), his little brother Malachi (the writer of Axe Cop) who at ~7 yrs old was introduced as Axe Cop, then proceeded to “chop the heads off” of many many people in the crowd with a plastic axe. “The Perfect Axe.”

That was my intro to Axe Cop…shit…I think I’d already bought and read Axe Cop Vol. 1 from Meltdown Comics (RIP). So I’d had a little context. I bought my Axe Cop Atari-style Pitfall-style shirt! I’ve since bought every trade paperback, and a sketchbook, and a pretty badass Axe Cop & Wexter action figure.

They made a TV show. Axe Cop had a huge underground following. 2 seasons on Fox ADHD! (Animation Domination High Definition). Nick Offerman played Axe Cop (Shout-out), Patton Oswalt played Sockorang (Shout-out), Rob Huebel played Grey Diamond (Shout-out: we met once and it was when selfies were first happening. I’d asked someone to tske the picture and he grabs my digital camera and goes “I’ll take it”, it worked too), among many others. Fucking awesome show. Watch it if you love comics, and read the comic everyone. It’s dark and funny, honest and random. It’s a really fun series, and now they’re making a video game!

If you go there and do the $5/mo option you can play the game as it’s being made. Pretty sure. Check it out. It’ll also take you to his book about why we should avoid bears: “Bears Want To Kill You”.

So the game designers are super nice and I’d reached out to them on twitter and they offered to make me a character in the game! I’m gonna be a townsperson named Dougathan. That’s my Twitter/IG/Twitch/MeetAndGreet/SnapChat/etc. That’s gonna be dope!

I’m in Rogue Legacy as “Sir Culp”! Me and my friend Tyler (from Jim-Con, remember?) were asked by the creators of Rogue Legacy to play-test for a full 8 hrs, taking screenshots, troubleshooting, and they’d update the game as we played. Day before release, maybe 2 days before? It was fun, I got paid to play video games for a day, and that game ended up on PlayStation and it’s so huge and amazing. Cellar Door Games, they also made Full Metal Furies, which I haven’t been  able to play yet, cause I’m sleeping in my car (car-tent, remember?).

So Axe Cop. Why did I bring up Axe Cop? Just to talk about Axe Cop? No. Not just that, but because I’m going to have Ethan Nicolle (creator and artist of Axe Cop) on my podcast. Friday, May 11th, 2018. You And Me And Thoughts And Talk with Doug Culp episode 227 – Ethan Nicolle. OR on Apple Podcasts OR on Stitcher.

He’s got another comic called Bearmageddeon, which I have not read yet. It looks dope as hell though.

I parked my car in this business park on the street. There are zero “No Parking” signs here. The lots have signs, I think they’ll tow cause they’re private. But I’m parked on the street. No red curb, no street signs, have sweet dreams, have high times. I got high with my friend Breck last night. We were talking about going into cannabusiness, possibly with the name “Doug’s Nugs for Breckfast”. Working title, but for now it’s working.

Okay, I might start a gofundme for my upcoming tour up to Bend, OR. I’m calling it “Duplex Comedy Suplex: The Lyme Disease Awareness Tour”. I made a flyer out of a font I created called Face It Font.

If you feel like you could contribute to gas and food to get me up to Bend, OR, to perform stand-up comedy for Duplex Comedy Suplex: The Lyme Disease Awareness Tour, here is my Venmo: Doug-Culp

Also if you know anyone who has a show, along the coast & bay & inland & Humboldt of CA, hit me up. Show them my blog post. Ask if I can do their show. I’ll be starting the tour May ~19th.



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