If you don’t know, already, there’s this show on FX called Legion. It’s headed by Noah Hawley  the show-runner/writer of Fargo on FX. I’ve seen and loved season 1 of Fargo.

Legion is something altogether different. This show challenges everything you think and know to be real. It questions you, the viewer. It questions itself.

There’s this theory about parallel universes. It’s really fun to think about, and I think Noah Hawley and I would have a great time talking about it on my podcast, You And Me And Thoughts And Talk with Doug Culp.

There’s an alternate universe where I didn’t shamelessly plug my podcast. There’s another where I misspelled “there” as “their”. There’s another universe where I apologize for apologizing, one where I’m a captain of industry, and another where I exclusively drink Diet Coke for some reason.

I hate the taste of Diet Coke. In an alternate reality, though, a concurrent reality…Diet Coke is all I’ll drink.

Enough examples of alternate versions of myself, although, sometimes I’ll see someone and think “That’s me from another reality.”

I’m glad to not be the “No more houses” version of myself. Watch the show, you’ll get it. You’re behind though. It’s only in season 2, don’t worry. You’re not THAT far behind.

Ya know, there’s probably a version of you that’s completely caught up on the show. Who knows if the show is the same in that reality though? We’ve only got this one. Our, current, time.

What we do with our time speaks volumes of us as people. It speaks to our value to others, and to humanity as a whole.

If you sit around all day every day, with no hope nor drive to accomplish anything, that’s your prerogative. If you make creative things, if you create for yourself, in any respect, you’re expressing yourself whether you mean to or not. There’s another reality where I didn’t just take a break to eat a bite of that Nutrageous bar. Another where I never stopped going to church.

I wanna talk about churches, in the whole, for a moment:

Churches are excellent for teaching us how to be good people. They are certainly excellent at collecting money and expanding. Great communities within churches. There’s a real kinship.

“You’ve been through what I’ve been through. We’ll always have that.” It’s a tale as old as time.

I’m grateful for what I learned in church. Be a good person. Try not to hurt anyone. If you do, apologize, make restitution, and move forward. Always learning, always growing. Harmonizing together to beautiful hymns, getting baptized, BAPTIZING, paying tithing, obeying the “Word of Wisdom” (which I still maintain is pretty good.), Boy Scouts, 2-year missionary work in Dominican Republic! I went around, door to door, preaching “the good word of the Lord” (which is usually pretty good).

Churches are subreddits. Think about it. Each tiny branch off of Reddit is a different way of thinking, a different way of understanding the world and the things that happen to us. “It’s out of our control” preachers say. “Whatever happens is in God’s hands now.” That’s a popular one.

What if we’re always active? What if we’re actively pursuing what we love doing without any shoeing the people we’re viewing? What if I had a solution to end all homelessness in the world? Would you back it? Cause I do have it. I’ve drawn up plans in the form of schematics and blueprints of what will be; what will solve homelessness forever.

It’s gigantic, ambitious af, and it’s going to take some time, but it will work. I’ve included part of it in my pilot script about a homeless vigilante who gets street justice on bad drivers. It’s called Roofless.

FX, AMC, Syfy, HBO, HMU.

Anyway I finished writing that script with a Lyme Disease meds-needle in my wrist vein cause I ha e Lyme Disease and am undergoing occasional meds. I could use more. I get sore just getting high scores on Robotron: 2084’s permanent board. Need a pen AND a sword. Piano and guitar chords, watching my Star Wars, stand-up in MY tours, gonna get high? Course. Always using the force.

The force feelsike it could be a real thing that exists and none of us truly understands. What if you could grasp the reality of certain elements and contort them to your will? Jesus walking on water. Was it stepping on the water’s surface or repelling it? There’s science to everything. Positivity breeds friendships and a general sense of well-being. Negativity fucks it up, but without the bad we wouldn’t know the good. Yin & yang is real. There’ll always be some macho asshole trying to defend misogyny and hate-speech, clinging to the constitution.

“Freedom of speech!” they yell. “The sacred document!!” Agreed, we do have freedom of speech. It’s not about not saying the words themselves, but about respecting the history of those words and terms which could induce trauma in someone else’s life. If it’s between being good to everyone and trying to respect humans, or, induce trauma…what will you do? Try to be excellent to each other. Bill & Ted got it.

I know things look bleak in the news. It’s always bleak, but the bleak is in the leak, slaps us right across the cheek. Every day, we all say, that the hospital horse is normalizing, but he’s propagandizing, totalitarianism rising, hospitalizing, criticizing visine users, cannabis is gonna solve the crises, Sagittarius or even Pisces, from meanies to nicies. Always spicy.

So, we need to lift each other up. Maybe get a nup, always making sure they’re Mountain Dew in my cup.

Okay done with the impromptu rapping, that is, unless you’re still clapping. Or possibly napping. Lips are chapping, people crapping, and the Mexican Coke is still capping, swimming, lapping. Bootstrapping.

Meantime, listen to my podcast #YAMATAT aka #YouAndMeAndThoughtsAndTalkwithDougCulp ep 227 – Ethan Nicolle (creator/artist for Axe Cop).

http://www.yamatat.com/podcast.html OR on Apple Podcasts OR on Stitcher. It’s free.

Churches are subreddits for understanding the world.

Pot and mushrooms are good. They’ve both been used as medicine to treat PTSD.

Parallel universe theory makes sense, and it would stand to reason that there’s some ghost realm on this planet that exists on a parallel ghost plane. (Ghost Plane, Rated-R)

Stay tuned for updates on shows and my upcoming stand-up tour, Duplex Comedy Suplex: The Lyme Disease Awareness Tour!

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