Health Inc.

With the facts at our fingertips each of us is fast to figure a ferocious answer to EVERY question, however limited our knowledge and/or experience.

Some concerned person on twitter was just arguing with me on the MODE OF BIRTH people should choose, negating any specifics about money.

Birth…I was born. I support birth. When I see how much it costs to “BIRTH A HUMAN CHILD” in a hospital, I bring up doulas (first spelled “dulah” cause I’m a dumb idiot). The tweeter JUMPS to action as if to teach me a lesson about healthcare, explaining that “some doulas might not be trained in ______” etc. So, do your research, ask some friends/family if they know anyone in the doula profession, and figure out a way to avoid hospitals!

Hospitals are set up on a foundation of trust, love, and MONEY! Trust comes from doctors/nurses/surgeons who’ve fostered a sense of safety and well-being.

“Come to the hospital. The SAFEST place to be.”

Hospitals are full of dying people, diseases I’m not sure how to pronounce, and BIG PHARMA.

They touched on it, briefly, in Scrubs. Y’all remember that show? They made the BIG PHARMA reps seem foreboding and also sexy af. Heather Locklear was the rep if I’m remembering correctly. “Free pens!” was their big selling point. I remember my mom, a nurse (HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY), bringing home many different types of pens with weird words on them. I thought nothing of it.

I’ll get back to BIG PHARMA.

Love comes in from the trust that’s built among hospital staff and patients. “We’ve had ALL of our kids here. Doctor Fulana has been SO attentive.” Love is cultivated from a sense of safety. “I trust the hospital because DOCTORS! Insurance!”

If something is the way it’s been, simply because it’s the way it’s been, that’s not an acceptable reason to keep it around.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the news in the past year and a half, but the world is on fire; More and more every day.

We’ve woken up to the fact that MANY politicians don’t have a single iota of a clue to what they’re doing. Sometimes there’s a private email server. Sometimes the president will fuck multiple pornstars, have someone who “deals with those kinds of things” and has zero remorse when confronted about it. Not only that, but the zero remorse is paired with outright “ignorance”, claiming not to know the thing that his lawyer has been paid to deal with! Giuliani is 9/11, Avenatti claims to have a pee-tape, and there are NAZIS IN THE STREETS, marching without any thought of how inherently BAD IT IS to BE a nazi.

Still with me? This country is run by capitalism. Corporations need to make money or they go away, file for bankruptcy, or are bailed out by bigger corporations or individuals. (if you are, or are connected with, any of these corporations or people, listen up).

Capitalism was a fun gamble, huh? Make money, make a company, hire people to make money, keep making money, then die. That’s the plan that the USA has set before us. “The American Dream” they call it.

Some who were fortunate enough to have everything given to them their entire lives (President Donald Johnny Trump). Some PULLED THEMSELVES UP by their OWN BOOTSTRAPS and started companies! Tesla, Virgin, Amazon, Toys “R” Us, Blockbuster Video. Some are at the bottom, working for others and hoping, scratching, PRAYING EVEN, to “break in”, “break through”, or “break out” of whatever situation they’re in.

I’m homeless, aka Roofless, right now. My “breaking in” would be a TV show. I’ve written it, it’s ready to go into pitch meetings with me, show Bible is always being added to, structure for the first and second seasons are well underway. As “a homeless” people are less-inclined to listen to me.

“But you’re in L.A. Why not just WALK INTO Netflix and tell them your idea?!” Firstly, hypothetical voice, that is so sweet. 1, that you think that could actually work and 2, that you think Netflix would pick it up! Really aiming for FX, AMC, HBO, or Syfy.

What happens if I have an emergency? What if I need to go to the hospital? Fortunately enough, I’ve had Medi-Cal while homeless. I also have Lyme Disease, and the meds are EXPENSIVE AF, so insurance does not love to GIVE it out…to the sick people…who NEED it, to heal, survive, and hopefully thrive.

COST of medicine should be provided by the country. Whichever country, should provide medicine for its sick civilians, so that a civilized society can thrive.

This is getting through, yes?

“But Doug!” you say “Your mom’s a nurse! How would she thrive if her hospital doesn’t make money?”

She’s looking for other work, cause her current t hospital has a bureaucracy set in place which isn’t inclined to listen to anyone UNDER RANK. There’s a seniority set up, where my mom has been a nurse for 39 yrs. Her bosses couldn’t give a shit how long she’s been doing it, so her suggestions fall on deaf ears.

Tell me again how great hospitals are!!

My mom knows, and tells me, how fucked up hospitals are, because she’s worked in them her entire adult life.

If anyone reads this whole post and STILL DOESN NOT BELIEVE that healthcare should be free, talk to my mom.

I’m sick of being sick. Insurance won’t give me ALL the medicine I need to heal from my Lyme Disease because, again, it’s expensive AF. So I’m left to slowly die while I wait and hope that more medicine will come.

In the meantime there’s cannabis. It helps with the pain, a substantial amount, but it’s just treating a symptom of a much larger problem…institutionalized Lyme aka chronic Lyme Disease.

Doctors are told to “convince patients otherwise” if they think they have Lyme Disease. Gaslight them, get them OUT of your office so that they don’t take our precious, money-making MEDICINE.


Shut the fuck, up, and listen to me.

Capitalism runs this country. Hospitals are designed to help people. They’re also designed to make money.

Money does NOT equal health.

Money does NOT equal life.

Our capitalist dynasty is coming to a close. Hope and humanity lets me see help on the horizon.

If we really band together as citizens of this fucked up nation, as human beings wishing to live and to be well while we do it, maybe free healthcare could happen in my lifetime. Maybe I’ll get hooked to a GALLON of the medicine, I’ve been getting drip by tiny drip, so that I can heal and live my life healthily again.

Maybe, if we’re not too blinded by our corporate overlords we, too, can make a difference.

Whag if medicine was free? What if food for the needy was free? What if politicians were not allowed to take bribes in the form of “lobbying contributions” used to further sully our nation?

Let’s change this shit. Let’s make a positive dent in history rather than letting history happen to us.

Make healthcare free for all.

“But doctors wouldn’t get PAID ENOUGH!” Enough for what, having a lavish life? Nice cars and being barely able to pay off student loans? Fuck…student loans/college…that’s a whole other blog post.

Be well, if you can afford it.

Venmo: Doug-Culp

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