Back From The Open Road

The last couple days have been an adjustment. I’m back from my first ever stand-up tour in 10 years of doing it. I called it

Duplex Comedy Suplex: The Lyme Disease Awareness Tour.

It was awesome! I went to Bend, OR, where I was met with open arms and an extra show tacked on! I also got put onto a show in Eugene where someone bailed and they no longer had a headliner. I did 1 HOUR that night in Eugene. I feel like I could do it thousands of times more.

Bend was dope! I filmed something when I did a weekend at 2nd Street Theatre, and I’m gonna edit it together into my first special:

Living in the Lymelight.

I slept in my car again last night and, right now, I’m just content to be indoors sitting in a chair at a table. A small sense of normalcy in an otherwise tumultuous environment. Last night I had to shit, so I went to this gas station that was near where I parked. Waiting for someone in the bathroom, I was next in line. The gas station attendant knocks on the door to see what’s been taking so long. A woman emerges, draped in what could be described as a shower curtain makeshift toga. She has messed the bathroom. There’s not shit all over, but there’s dirty water everywhere. The prominent theory is that she was showering herself in the bathroom. There was this black liquid in the sink. Nobody knew what it was.

I still had to shit, so I waited, patiently. Grateful. Grateful that if you’re polite and nice, and maybe don’t have a home right now, sometimes people will let you shit in their toilet.

It’s a big reason I’m here at this cafe. I had a cup of soup, Gonna see if I have to use the facilities in a moment.

So yeah, I did an hour in Eugene, OR. I’m trying to get onto shows cause I just paid my SELF-STORAGE payment and I’m back down to about $20 total. Think of the Venmo ask as my own personal Patreon page. It’ll keep me going, so I can keep making the things I love, and putting them out there.

Rewards I might be able to purchase if enough is donated (OR if I’m given work):

A laptop newer than 2006! Gas! Food! RENT?!?! If enough people believe in me, maybe I’ll get and keep getting work.

No work lined up.

Just stand-up.

And writing.

And acting.

Hire me.



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Really Glad You Came (a music page)

My DeviantArt Page

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