Some Prespective

Hey, it’s me again (Doug Culp).

I wanna talk about death today. I know I’ve talked about the Lyme Disease and being ready for my own death before, but it’s a peace I’ve found.

I’m ready for my own death, whenever it happens. I hope to live decades past what I’ve already accomplished, and I’m happy for all the friends/family I’ve made/had along the way.

I wrote a new song and I can’t play it for you here, cause you’re reading, but maybe in person one of these days. I got my piano back! Been fun tickling the ivories again (not sure if these keys are actually ivory. Prob wood if I had to guess).

I’ve collected records, I’ve released a music album, I’ve recorded a stand-up album, booked/performed a tour on my own, smoked a bunch of weed and seen a bunch of bands. I haven’t seen NYC yet, that’d be dope.

I have many things I still wanna do: tour with my stand-up, tour with my podcast, tour with my music, tour with my art (I made a font it’s called Face It Font #FaceItFont), tour with my heart.

When I got Lyme I was like “Oh SHIT my time here is more limited than I’d previously thought!” but also being undiagnosed/dicked around by doctors for 2 years I reached the peace of being ready for my own death.

I’d wager LOTS of people aren’t ready. People don’t like to talk about it cause it’s uncomfortable. Well life is uncomfortable! Earning to burn, churn and then urn.

How many times have you checked your phone while reading this?

The entertainment infinite jest / Brain Candy / dystopia is already here. Apple is pulling those apps that help you reduce your screen time. Facebook owns ALL of our faces (minus a few who’ve made it out). Google knows where we are at all times. Military satellites hover above and can probably zoom in further than we’d like.

Big Brother has found more and more ways to keep watching. Okay google, Alexa, Siri, etc. (Bixby, is that still a thing)

I’m sitting on 11 scripts, ready to go ( a few might could use a re-look but mostly ready) and more movies and video games I wanna make. I wanna make more versions of the font I talked about earlier, Face It Font, remember?

I still have plans to end all homelessness. Some other innovators out there taking cracks at it. The need is there and the global conscience is waking up to it.

Big oil, fuck you. You are done. Big pharma, fuck you too. You are done (to be clear here, there are people who work to cure diseases who aren’t bad people. But the folks like Martin Schkrhellhi who are fucking it up for people who need medicine.

Solar, hydro, wind. This is easy. There are many examples online on how to start small. I plan on getting the Lightyear car that’s coming out later this year. I’m not gonna be able to get it this year, but one day. It’s completely solar powered and charges even when there’s cloud cover. (looking back at that for a second it looked like “chord cover” and well that’s a good song title maybe I’ll use it to write a new song!)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, death. So, it’s okay to talk about. It’s okay to feel this way about it. Cause guess what? I don’t WANT to die (remember from before??) I still have so much I wanna do. I wanna be a late show host. I want my podcast to go till my dying day.

I want all my friends and family out there to know I love them very much.

See everyone at my next thing! Which reminds me, please book me. I’ll do podcasts, I’ll do stand-up shows, I’ll do sketch shows, I’ll do improv, I’ll play music, I’ll make art, I’ll wash your car, I’ll clean your glasses, I’ll wipe your asses (okay but not really that was for the rhyme I have Lyme ALL the time).

Venmo: @Doug-Culp     (if you think what I wrote here is worth anything, I’ll gladly take anything, ooo also #WGAStaffingBoost !)

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