A Call To Curing Lyme Disease

Hey it’s me again! The sick guy who can’t stop talking about it! It’s like it’s always with me and affecting my every living moment! I am losing my mind half the time. Sometimes it hurts to play piano, guitar, video games, and too much typing will exhaust my frail muscles.

I’m 35 but I feel like I’m 86 (prob lots of 86 year-olds who have better bods than I). The Lyme Disease is feasting on my muscles, attacking autonomic functions.

I know there’s medicine to flush out the bacteria, but then it can come back later.

I know the medicine is expensive as fuck. Gamma Globulin is what I’ve had a few treatments of, but still I’m weak. I haven’t had enough medicine consistently enough.

I had an idea. Ya know nanobots? They Might Be Giants #TMBG had an album called that and also we’ve all seen Minority Report and what I’m suggesting is all the scientists, doctors, engineers, etc, get together and create nanobots which are swallowed.

The nanobots will awaken or power on and they’ll eradicate the bacteria that have been feeding on my insides.

Once the last bacteria is murdered and my body can begin its healing process, the nanobots head to my bladder and I’ll happily piss them all out, free of Lyme Disease.

So, what do you say, wanna help me cure Lyme Disease? Hell maybe these nanobots could…

…just did a little googling. I’m not the only one who’s been at this.

Can Nanobots Cure Lyme Disease?

So yeah if anyone out there knows Elon Musk or Richard Branson or maybe the band Hanson or Ted Danson maybe we could get some eyes on this?

Cure Lyme Disease on 3.

1, 2, 3!

Oh now that you’ve all shouted it out loud at your computer screens or phones, I have been playing video games for my whole life. I love to play, and I love to stream me playing on Twitch, I also have never made any money doing it.

Enter Lyme Disease. I want to do a week-long stream, only taking bathroom breaks and sleeping for…maybe…2 hour stretches at a time? but then back to gaming to raise money for Lyme Disease eradication.

This could pair nicely with the people out there whoms could help me get nanobots into my body to kick the Lyme Disease out.

PLEASE HELP if you can or reach out to someone who could help.

My whole body hurts. I am like a push-puppet. If I’m holding too much weight like say a human baby, or a bong for too long I have to rest or I will crumble to the ground.

It’s difficult to shit. It’s not easy to come. I make loud noises with my throat cause I’m forcing my muscles to pull any mucous up that would’ve been taken care of automatically if I didn’t have Lyme Disease as advanced as it has. I  have multiple spit containers cause I don’t wanna swallow all this phlegm. Can you blame me? Do YOU wanna swallow my phlegm?? I mean no judgement if you do that’s just not my cup o’ spit.

Lyme Disease fucking SUCKS! Let’s eradicate it.

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