Cries For Help

Fuck my life. Fuck me. Fuck everything. Strong start right?

Anyway that’s how I’m feeling right now. I can’t afford to live and pay my bills.

As a substitute I keep asking people to hire me for creative work, to no avail. I’m on the apps, I EVEN apply thru LinkedIn!

I am a comedian. I am a writer. I am a musician. I am a podcaster. I am excited to entertain the world.

I directed my stand-up special “Doug Culp is Living In The Lymelight”, and it’s like 40 min.

I’ve sent the link to a few people now, and haven’t heard back.

If I get that album on a label I could get promotion and maybe money.

MAYBE MONEY. For a stand-up special that’s taken me about 10 yrs to get together.

MAYBE MONEY for getting on podcasts to promote myself.

MAYBE MONEY for shit that I thought already would be going right now and cannot talk about cause LEGAL reasons.

Anyway lagging and dragging from not being able to talk about the thing I’m not allowed to talk about has been DIGGING this HUGE MONEY HOLE in my life, where there was already a giant money hole.

BOOK ME on your comedy shows

BOOK ME on your podcasts

BOOK ME if you think I’m even REMOTELY funny.

Please book me if I’ve booked you. Please help.



Venmo: Doug-Culp

CashApp: $DougsNugs


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