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Hey, me again.

Looks like I’m getting kicked out of this place. Room with no door. Never any true privacy so I have to jerk off in the bathroom.

If you watch or play video games with me at Dougathan on Twitch and watch me make my art, I could make money to support myself.

I’ve been working a lot on my MERCH made up of words spelled out with my #FaceItFont at my threadless store here: Shirts! Pillows! Shower Curtains! Clutches! Phone Cases! Towels! Drawstring Bags! Hoodies!

My podcast is still going strong. 286 episodes of You And Me And Thoughts And Talk with Doug Culp. I’ve had many amazing guests, some fun solo eps, and some not so fun solo eps. I’ve released it on my own, no studio, no producer, no ads, for free every week…even when I was homeless and sleeping in my car!

I’ve sold weed. That’s been some of the happiest work moments I’ve had. Doug’s Nugs on IG & twitter

If you wanna just help out you can donate to my Venmo: Doug-Culp or CashApp: $DougsNugs or PayPal or buy from my threadless store or watch/donate on my Twitch channel.

Who wants to help me get a solar-powered tiny home together for prob around $8k? I could tow it with my car, and if it has recycled water I’ll be able to shower in the tiny home too! The 8k would cover a LongFi wireless router that works off the blockchain and gives you internet wherever you are.

I still have my plans to #EndAllHomelessness. Let’s fuckin’ do that shit too!

I have enough entertainment ideas to get me through the next decade.

Help me keep going, and it’ll help me maybe get sponsors for my podcast! What if 7-Eleven sponsored my pod and any time anyone came in and said promo code: YAMATAT they’d get a FREE BIG GULP???

Tweet at 7-Eleven and maybe they will. It’d not only drum up attention.

Please, please, please put me on your #podcast / comedy show. If you wanna help, get me up there. If not, that’s also fine. It would certainly help me shut the fuck up about money woes though, cause I’d probably get booked for more gigs.

I’m happy to have hosted a stand-up show out of my living room for 2 years. The show was called Duplex Comedy Suplex and I had people on from Baron Vaughn to Jackie Kashian, to Sovereign Syre, to Jonah Ray, Brodie Reed, David Gborie, Jak Knight, Kelly McInerny, Harry Moroz, Byron Bowers, Barbara Gray, Allen Strickland Williams, Brandon Wardell, Jamie Loftus, James Fritz, Adam Allgood, Josh Michaels, Joe DeRosa, Julian McCullough, Jason Saenz, Greg Kashmanian, Danny Lobell, Sam Wiles, Andrew Michaan, and many more!!!

There’s a chance I could bring it back.

I have a talk show idea, and it’s got a name, and it’d be LIVE, and prob a little chaotic, but I’d have my piano onstage and maybe my records to do a thing I’ve done on some solo eps where I talk about a band I love and my relation to them and the record itself. You And Me And Thoughts And Talk Show with Doug Culp aka YAMATATS.

I’m available to work for stand-up, improv, podcasts (producing/hosting/guesting), graphic design, murals, other art, music (piano/guitar/songwriting), gaming (I’m pretty good at Rocket League, I love Portal, Cuphead, Fallout 3, and MORE), weed jobs, threadless, etc!

Please hire me. Please donate.

Oh yeah and my doctor isn’t returning my calls. Still dying of Lyme Disease.



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