Hi everyone, I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but how could I not with all the insanity happening all at once to the entire world…(that was a run-on sentence with a statement and THEN a question??)

This is a conspiracy theory, which hopefully can be proven:

This pandemic was planned. Allow me to explain.

Trump disbanded the pandemic task force around the time when he was also meeting with a few different dictators. Dictators, who willingly kill their people. Remember how Trump would say these dictators weren’t so bad? Well, it’s bad. They’re bad. And now we’re all dying.

This pandemic could have easily been planned. What better way to unite a nation than to create a common, nebulous enemy?? “We can’t be mad at the President, he didn’t RELEASE the #coronavirus into the air somehow…right??? But if HE didn’t, then maybe Xi Jin Ping DID. Maybe it was willfully started in China BY THEIR LEADER because it has a high transmission rate and China has a dense population. Also tourists visit China all the time, as we’ve seen with so many people catching #COVID19.

The only other option is that the earth literally started fighting back against all the polution we’ve been producing/perpetrating.

Humans: What if we reduce/reuse/recycle?

Earth: Hey babyy…wanna kill all humans???

Either way, there’s no change I could affect from here in my room, dreaming about you and me…

#Plannedemic (maybe the best portmanteau)


Anyway to any and all who want to drown their sorrows in some merch, I have art and my fast food job is going to keep making us come in.

Help me tell them I’ll be staying home!!!

My Own Personal Threadless shop

Really Glad You Came (my original music)

Also if you’d simply like to help, here are some app links:

Venmo: Doug-Culp

CashApp: $DougsNugs

PayPal: Dougathan

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