STOP Calling Homeless People “Homeless People”


Welcome to my blog. It may be your first time here, it may be your last. What’s certain is that homeless people have been called “homeless people” for far too long.

“But Doug, how ELSE can we group together and CLASSIFY those without homes?! How will I know WHOM to fear?!?”

That’s just it, hypothetical voice. What if, and hear me out on this one…what if “homeless people” were talked about as “people” and the language shifted JUST a little, to afford those without homes the decency to not be categorized and pigeonholed?

Oh what a DAY that would be!

See, it’s not about me, taking away your “ability” or “free speech” but, instead, it’s about empathy.

When people say “Well, why should Iiiiiii have to CHANGE the way I SPEAK, just to APPEASE the MASSES? THEY don’t matter, my FREEDOM OF SPEECH matters. You’re LIMITING me!”


If you believe that humans evolve, and have evolved, then it stands to reason that we’re not done evolving. It’s certainly been evident with this newfound resurgence of “pride” in nazis! What the FUCK are you saying if you’re defending NAZIS?! You’re spreading hate and vitriol, and it’s not helping anyone except for those who hate, marginalize, and GROUP.

Back in high school around mid-sophomore year, I stopped really giving a fuck about what people thought about me in “whichever clique” and, instead, tried to reach people at face value.

It’s tougher. People are naturally inclined to FIND SOMETHING WRONG about someone so that they can TEAM UP against them to NOT FEEL SO ALONE in the world.

I moved to Kentucky for freshman year of high school from Santa Maria, CA. The central coast. Nice area, not much to explore, but we had our moments. I was instantly OTHERED by some jocks who quipped “Nice shirt. What do you think this is, Florida or something?” “No…I just, got it at a thrift store, like the rest of my clothes.” There’s never a cogent response. Probably something about being poor. I was an “easy target.”

So yeah, sophomore year I was like “FUCK it. Fuck this school, fuck any student’s way of thinking they were better or ABOVE me in some way.

I won “Most original style” senior year. Translation: “We’re not sure what to do about you.” but I got the votes and won the superlative. It means nothing. Awards mean little-to-nothing. Symbolism BEHIND awards is excellent. “Your thing was DOPE af, we all loved it. Here’s a trophy.”

I think a LARGE part of the culture-changing and shifting in Hollywood and the creative realms could come from an awareness of how stupid awards are. I feel I’m repeating myself a bit so I’m gonna get back to the point.

People without homes are a plenty. They’re everywhere, I’m one of them, and I’m also amenable af. If you get to know me on a personal level, we just might get along (@dougathan on twitter/IG).

If you choose to marginalize the already downtrodden, punching directly below you, a “person with a job” a “gainfully employed” a “homeowner”, that is YOUR prerogative. It’s not required of ANYONE to BE NICE to anyone, but it feels pretty fucking nice whenever it happens.

I talk about my #carsleeping #cartent #urbancamping #tinyhomes #5starsToNotsleepincars liberally, because I don’t wish to be ignored. Ignorance is bliss until the entire country comes down and then there’ll still be people who say “It was probably all the homeless people”.

Today, April 26th, 2018, if you choose to BE ignorant, ignoring any and all news, hoping and grasping at the idea of “Everything will be ALL RIGHT” then you have proven that ignorance is piss. You’re just a piss bag who’s waiting to die, and WILLING to die while your friends and family suffer, all the while STILL going “Well I’M fine, fuck EVERYBODY else.”

When Mike Judge (shout out) made Idiocracy, he was certainly ahead of the curve. He saw what none of us KNEW would happen, but what was probably going to happen. We’re close. Our phones have us pacified. Reviewers and Spotify and Pandora ensure that we’ll ONLY Listen to what’s been given us, and Fox News is a tree house full of dumbass monkeys throwing bananas directly at the president, who is also a trained monkey.

Is he well-intentioned? No…well, maybe if whatever we’re talking about ONLY AFFECTS him and no one else. Other than that, if we’re talking about “the president’s concern with The American People”, he doesn’t give a FUCK about us.

Especially not, the homeless aka Roofless aka people without shelter.

This is what it comes down to.

Food, water, shelter, bathrooms, are ALL human rights, yes? Okay, now extend what you think a “human” is to ANYONE living in/on the street, because we are humans too. We are NOT just “homeless people” because we’re poor af and don’t have homes. We’re “homeless people” because no one is speaking up for us.

Even programs set in place to help “the homeless” address us as such. “Help The Homeless!” Who is that, is that one person? Does “homeless people” count as ALL OF THEM? Can I PLEASE get back to my new gaming system now?! Ugh, this #homelessness shit, is, depressing.

I am living it. I’m working gigs here and thee while I can. My phone batt is at 20%. I just turned on power-saver mode and data-saver mode because the car charger was NOT charging my phone. The batt level just keep gradually dropping.

So, yeah, call me whatever you want. Marginalize me, marginalize US. When did we become SO fucking divided as a nation? Why are we so willing to HURT someone, if it assumes it will lift US up??

I’ve been thinking about how, on most late shows, there’s still emphasis on making fun of how Donald Trump looks. I think, making fun of looks is low-brow, and boring af. It’s tired, it’s EASY.

Stop. Think. Come up with a better, more well-crafted joke.

I AM guilty of laughing at these jokes. We all are, and we all have been.

Like I said earlier, though, humans evolve. We are all here, trying to live our BEST lives until we die. That’s it. We’re all “struggling on different planes” (credit: Childish Gambino). Hoping people remember our names. Hoping we also avoid shames. Cracking frames. Playing games.

19% battery.

If you help me out by donating to my Venmo: Doug-Culp I will be eternally grateful. If you don’t/can’t, I completely understand.

“Why should I give money to this guy who’s trying to try and learning to fly? Help me with this mote in my eye? Got a stye. Eating pizza pie. It’s a tie. Let’s all let love and happiness thrive.”


In summation: next time you talk about “homeless people” please give “people without homes” a try. “Those without shelter” could also work.

“BUT FIRST AMENDMENT!” Lack of empathy.

A complete lack of empathy leads to sociopathic behaviors, like terrorist attacks, SWAT’ing, or just plain ol’ “not giving a shit” about whichever political/socio-economic situation.

Have empathy. Seek empathy. Elevate your discussions. Enjoy your time with friends and family alike.

We’re not here forever.

Rather now than never.

Venmo: Doug-Culp

Pls share. A RT can go A LONG way.

12% battery.




Sponsor My Podcast

Hey all. Hopefully you’ve been brought here by one of my previous posts, or from my podcast ep, which I’m just about to edit together, called “Read My Blog”.

Now that we’re all gathered, the important part. My podcast needs sponsorship and, assuming the companies will have me, I’d like to pick my own sponsors.

Here is a list of all the companies whom I’d wish to help by them helping me + Promo codes + discounts and all that stuff:

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If enough people reach out to these companies for me  o  their own accord, this could work. Maybe not each and every one, but it’s possible. Who knows? Who knows how big companies like Viacom get big companies on board for advertising space. Probably started with one person reaching out.

That one person is me, and I’m reaching out to you, the listener. Hopefully also the reader (and vice versa).

I’ve got my Venmo: Doug-Culp set up, in case anyone wants to help out without helping these other companies.

You can see it, right? This random entertainer, bursts onto the scene and all by himself, no agent/manager I mean. If enough people truly believe in me and my ability to entertain the world, you’d see a change. We can change the “face” of Hollywood and fame. Make sure everyone’s got a name.

I want to have a late-night talk show, and, it’s called You And Me And Thoughts And Talk Show with Doug Culp. Podcast connection, LIVE on TV, instant show. Come along with me won’t you?

Let’s explore the imaginative side of creativity.

No more re-boots or re-do’s. Sambas are the most comfortable shoes. Making jokes and telling news. I could certainly get some late night views. I hope more agree, don’t you(s)?

I’m a huge proponent for cannabis. I wanna open up a pot shop called Doug’s Nugs. I’ve got the IG and Twitter handles. Let’s get some hempwick and light the candles.

I have a plan to end all homelessness, in the world, forever, and it’s really something! If I get enough of a following on here, thru my podcast, sponsorships, we could really save the world.

Right now I’m just a dude, writing every platitude, trying not to have attitude, looking to get Mountain Dew’d.

My car registration is expired because I ha e no source of income (besides Venmo: Doug-Culp thank you again for any and l who have donated!) and a gig here & there.

I’m posting this the day of my training as a weed butler for a weekend of work at Cannabis Cup. After that, I don’t know what I’ll be doing for work. Hopefully I can meet some chill weed peeps at the event and it can lead to more weed work.

I wrote a pilot. This show is gonna end up on AMC, FX, HBO, or Syfy. Those are my choices. It’s about a homeless vigilante who’s being chased by the government. Sounds fun right? I want to direct, executive produce, show run, star, in it. It’s gonna be A TON of work, but I’m looking forward to it!

So, to recap:

-Podcast sponsorship (please rate and review on iTunes, 5 stars + “Help this guy get work” or something like that)

-You And Me And Thoughts And Talk Show with Doug Culp (my own late show with which to have tons of fun and interact with everyone)

-TV pilot about the homeless vigilante.

-Venmo: Doug-Culp

-Ending. All. Homelessness. Forever.



@dougathan @yamatat @DougsNugs @duplexcomedy @DrDougSurgery


I’ve been doing stand-up for 10 yrs. Been writing for ~7, hosting my podcast #YAMATAT aka #YouAndMeAndThoughtsAndTalkwithDougCulp for over 4 yrs, hosted a stand-up show for 2 yrs.

In all this time I’ve made choices I’ve seen as the most true for me. The awakening happened after my divorce. “Which life am I living  and which life do I want to live?”

Andrew Santino made fun of Kevin Hart for being short on twitter. I came at him pretty hard with “…HAHAHA…” adding that it’s super funny to make fun of people for being short. Genetics guarantee humor, is the point HE was trying to make.

“Doug. Unfollow me.” he pleaded. If you wanna see the whole thing, it’s up on twitter still under my Quote-RT of his comment on Kevin Hart’s height. (@dougathan)

I called, calling someone short and then laughing about it, hack and boring. I added that, ginger to ginger, it’s lame and unfunny when people ask about our collective freckles. He hasn’t responded, which must mean there’s been some time for quiet reflection. More likely he’s muted me or he’s gonna block me.

He must be sad, which is relatable. I’m homeless aka Roofless, and I’ve been sad. Sad that I’m in this spot. Sad that I’ve been here for ~4 yrs and no one has offered me a book deal, a pitch meeting, nor booked me on Hollywoo Stars & Celebrities! What Do They Know? Do They Know Things? Let’s Find Out! (thank you BoJack Horseman for existing)

I have many friends who run their own weekly stand-up shows. Friends I’ve booked, sometimes multiple times, on #DuplexComedySuplex (@duplexcomedy on twitter). Have they booked me on their shows? No. Not a one.

When I say I take comedy seriously, I mean it.

I’m writing several shows/movies, ha e ideas for ~11 more, and I have written 10 scripts (7 original, 3 spec). I’ve got a zombie show, a sitcom w/2 eps, a CARTOON w/2 eps, another sitcom, etc, you get it.

Once I was offered a position at American Dad as a writer’s PA, but it would’ve conflicted directly with my stand-up show (Duplex Comedy Suplex) so I asked if, Thursdays, I could duck out at like 6~6:30. They silently declined, didn’t tell me, and probably thought to themselves “Who the FUCK does this guy think he is?”

I’m the guy who’s going to end all homelessness in the entire world (#EndALLHomelessness) with an idea that’s too sensitive to broadcast, otherwise it’d get monetized and fucked and the homeless would remain homeless forever.

I want to help the world.

I’m a comedian, I have Lyme Disease, and I grew up Mormon. I’m writing an autobiography…I may have blogged about it previously, but who’s to say you went through my back catalog and read up on me? Not I. (quick sidebar: if you know anyone employing “_______ & I’s ______” please swiftly correct it as I’s is NOT a word at all, not even close)

I have loads to offer the world, and I’d love to share it with everyone, most definitely including ending homelessness in the entire world.

I’m homeless aka Roofless rn, so it makes things a bit more difficult.

“Do more shows! Go to more shows! Get a job!” they say. Been doing the going, I’d LOVE to do more shows, I even have a pretty kick-ass tape which booked me a stand-up tour up the coast and thru to Bend, OR, in May.

I hear comedians like to try out new stuff and hash out new bits at shows.

Book me, please, on those shows. Book me cause you know I’m funny and an amiable comedian. Book me cause I’ve put in the work to spread (hopefully) joy with my material. Did YOU KNOW Lyme Disease could be funny? If it’s me talking about my own #LymeDisease, perhaps it can!

“Don’t say you’re homeless, you’re a touring comedian.” they say. Fuck that, I AM homeless! I’m pretty happy with what I’ve been able to do, while also being part of the forgotten, disparate masses.

My podcast is releasing episode 222 tomorrow, from the backseat of the car-tent, where I’ve been car-sleeping in my self-appointed tiny home, doing some urban camping.

I don’t have a studio in which to record, I have a few friends here and there who’ve helped me out with a place to crash for the night, some of that sweet sweet wifi. I’ve gotten high with a little help from my friends.

I’ve avoided paying my phone bill, cause it bounced when they tried on the first. I’m surviving with gas/food/bills money, barely, I have three unpaid parking tickets (brought to you by Xerox), unpaid/expired car registration, and still car insurance to pay every month.

Im at an impasse. I’ll let my podcast pass right to you, at, and then I don’t know what.

“Blog more! Be seen! Stop being homeless!” In so many words I’ve made it evident that, rather than moving to my parent’s house, where weed would never be allowed and I’d be forced to sign a parent/child contract, that I’d rather die in the streets pursuing what I love than to admit temporary failure and possibly move back in a few yrs when I’ve been able to MAYBE save up enough.

I’ve worked too hard, and now that my times are hard again, I’ve come up with that plan to end all homelessness.

So, let’s see:

1. End all homelessness 2. Stand-up comedy (TOUR SOON) 3. Writing 4. Font creation (oh yeah I made a font, and you can see it here if you’d like: 5. Autobiography in progress 6. Podcast host/producer 7. I made my own website out of an empty notepad doc (brother in-law helped to keep it literally together for bigger/smaller screens) 8. Bilingual Spanish/English 9. Music (I’ve been writing music for about 15 yrs now on liano/guitar) 10. Video game creation (I ha e many ideas for badass video games in VR, some of which I plan to build set pieces myself, out of items I own)

I’d go on, cause there’s more I’ve done and want to do, and that’s great! I need help though.

Book me. Hire me. Find me an RV in which to sleep. Help me get on podcasts so I can let people know who I am, so I can be taken seriously with my plan to #EndALLHomelessness.

If you love me, if I’ve made you laugh, if we’ve shared any good time together, please reach out to me, to friends who run shows, to show runner friends, to networks so I can pitch my cool-ass shows, to podcast hosts/producers, shit mention to Andrew Santino that I’m homeless and a ginger and that I mean no ill will, other than to call out hack jokes and hopefully cultivate the comedy scene into something beautiful.

Patreon, Stitcher Premium, Max Fun, Kickstarter all have paid platforms for extra content and extra episodes. Some of these comics, I’m sure, don’t wanna have to do that, it they are so that we can all keep living our happy lives and hopefully not become homeless, like I am. Like many are and have been.

Book me, book me, and fucking dammit please book me. Let’s burn one or do some shrooms together. Let’s eat Rally’s fries and talk about things we all want to do and accomplish. Let’s share our love of things we love cause this life is too short to punch down. Punch-up, I’d also love to do punch-up on scripts if that’s still a job.

Please help me not be Roofless anymore, so that I can help everyone in the world have a home.

Homelessness can end. I have a solution. Please pass this on to everyone you know and love. Share it. Care it.

Love ya buds.



Guardians of the Galaxy is my new Iron Man (details below)

Iron Man is fucking dope, no denying it. It’s been my favorite Marvel movie for a really long time.

I just re-watched Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t re-watch movies often, especially lately being homeless and all. Free time is rough and I’m trying to get booked on shows, going out with friends, being in the world (I booked a stand-up tour while sleeping in the back of my car!). Homelessness takes its wear, ya know?

So Guardians. The writing is so fucking good, and there’s so much heart. I’m crying while writing this as leftover from just having watched the movie (like happy tears afterglow…that movie and I made love and it was beautiful).

Back to the point though. The movie is about friends in their worst places, sticking together cause we’re all misfits. We just have to find our group. There are a lot of them, groups. Like cliques but way more supportive. Sense of community. Family.

So the movie is going, and I’m laughing loudly while sitting in my car, Razer Adaro Wireless headphones aloft. Bradley Cooper has one of my favorite lines in all cinema/TV, associated with kicking something: “You’re making me beat up grass!” I died. It hit me so hard I experienced a crushing levity.

I started crying when they all stood “in a stupid circle” like Rocket said. I cried when he jumps out and saves Gamora, cried when the Xandarian pilots lined up to sacrifice themselves to stop Ronan. I cried at “WE ARE GROOT” cause separated and fighting with each other we’re nothing, but together WE ARE Groot. Shout-out to Vin Diesel on his awesome performance.

Drax laughing hysterically as they shot their shit through Ronan’s. Another moment of crushing levity. Let’s not forget the seemingly throwaway line about them not giving to his dad cause he was a jerk (Kurt Russell).

When they escape the prison, when they go to Knowhere with the head of a celestial being. Holy shit, I love this movie so much.

It was especially heartwarming that, when st their darkest hour, they knew they had to sacrifice themselves to save the planet and they were willing to do it together, as friends.

Friendship is rare. Do ya know what I’m saying to ya friendship is rare (Shout-out: Tenacious D).

So to the point of this whole thing, I love my friends. I miss y’all who are far and I’m happy to hang with any who are close. Let’s hit the arcade, or re-watch Guardians. Can I crash on your couch? Floor? I’ve got the car-tent if not.

Im gonna get back to writing this show that’s gonna be fucking rad and funny and I could see it being on Syfy or FX. Possibly HBO or Netflix. Those are my wishes. I’ll get back to you (the royal “You” as in the entire internet) once it’s done.

Oh yeah, please listen to my #podcast #YAMATAT aka #YouAndMeAndThoughtsAndTalkwithDougCulp aka @yamatat on twitter. OR on Apple Podcasts OR on Stitcher. 220 episodes! That’s over 4 yrs of podcasts!

Check out my IG @dougathan. I just, today, broke 1 million points on #Robotron2084, nestling my score in the 18 of 37 all-time high scores (on that machine). I walked out sweating and victorious. When played well, you’ll sweat in the arcade.

Thanks for reading. If you’d like to donate to this lovable street rat, please do via Venmo: Doug-Culp.

Love ya buds. Watch Guardians again after reading this. And let’s hang.



P.S. Some things are starting to come together so that we can #EndALLHomelessness. Stay tuned.

P.P.S. Please hire me. I’m a writer/stand-up/podcast host-producer/font-creator/musician (piano/guitar)/blogger (obv)/livestreamer/visionary/badass.


Day 86

Probably 86. I’ve lost real count at this point but I’ve been homeless since Nov, 2017.

Saw someone THREADING on about #ReadyPlayerOne and how BOYS ARE BROKEN, and nostalgia isn’t helping.

I agree that “boys are broken” aka there are still WAY TOO MANY macho fucks. If you are “worried about someone stealin’ your girl/guy” you probably subscribe to monogamy and that is understandable.

Ready Player One is a beautiful expression of one man’s love for the video games/movies/music/TV throughout his childhood  A love-letter, if you will, to happier memories.

The book was written around 2012, and I promptly bought myself a copy. Well, it was mine and my ex-wife’s ,but still excited to read.

We got a divorce, she took the book, so I was left bookless. (I have a few books  but that one’s up there with my favorites)

I ended up reading it about a year later  discovering the in-set  unannounced contest within the book ABOUT A CONTEST!! I found clues which led me to the first key, started the second game and was not prepared for this text-based adventure so I temporarily conceded. I’ll go back to Anorak.

I paused my reading when it got to a part with some heavy War Games references, cause I hadn’t seen it yet. Watched it. Continued reading.

I cried while reading this book. Tears of joy. Tears of hope. Tears of familiarity and love. I fucking love this book, and no one can take that away from me; not a negative review on twitter, not a troll, nothing will deter me from how I feel about what I’ve felt.

Upon reading someone’s op-ed on “TOXIC MASCULINITY DIRECTLY RELATED TO ENTERTAINMENT AND NOSTALGIA” I was sickened. The fact that this human either: read the book and didn’t understand it, saw it, themselves, thru a masculine lens, or saw a PREVIEW FOR THE MOVIE and was turned off by it, is grotesque.

ENTERTAINMENT is not the cause of toxic masculinity  though it’s chock full of it. Our own respective minds are what lead us to “macho men.”

If you read the book, you’d know that this high school senior LOVES video games. Studies them. Seeks out rarities. He digitally meets someone in the OASIS but is more focused on the task at hand: finding that EGG!

At one point he strays from the hunt to pursue her a little. It goes nowhere and he focuses back up to the original challenge.

That’s it, without giving any more away. There’s your “hyper-masculine nostalgia-driven enemy.” A high school kid.

It’s worth it to note that in the book the kid is described as “chunky” and “husky”, more insecurities driving him to just play video games. In the movie the kid is RAIL THIN and thus probably not that relatable to gamers. I gotta have a talk with Spielberg or Cline about that decision.

I digress. I think the MAIN purpose of the twitter-user,  who sparked this blog post, was to say that hyper-masculinity is rampant and it’s the old way, and it’s not the 1950’s anymore! Times will NEVER be like they were before, again, and that’s progress!

Macho men are a poison to this world and should all be muted.

I mentioned monogamy earlier. It’s cute really. “You’re alllllllll miiiiiine…foreverrrrrr”. Cool. Polyamory is infinitesimally more interesting to me, in that, I’m pretty sure I’m polyamorous and just didn’t know for the longest time.

A few yrs ago I got Lyme Disease. I didn’t know it at the time, and wouldn’t know for TWO YEARS. These two years were me, going to the doctor, him (a hyper-masculine ,or HM) who kept giving me a CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH ending our visits with “You’re so young! You’re fine. Go home and rest.” Gaslighting motherfucker might be the reason I’m currently feeble af, was physically unable to take on work that I wasn’t sure I could do, and ending up with. E sleeping in the back of my car. Every night I curl up in the back seat, knowing that that quack of a doctor HAD NEVER SEEN LYME DISEASE so he was IGNORANT AND HEADSTRONG, and for that I wish he would trip down a flight if stairs and land on his eyes blinding him, so he can NEVER misdiagnose again.

In the 2 yrs it took to get my proper diagnosis, I came to terms with my own death. If I die tomorrow, I just hope it’s after I post my podcast…but, ultimately, I’ve had a good run.

I’m mostly ignored in the comedy community, because…of my cane? My enthusiasm for life? Wait…its cause I DON’T perform every night and therefore am not able to hone my craft. Reason I don’t perform every night is cause, finding a parking spot for the night means finding a resting place for the night.

I double-digress. Monogamy seems silly to me. Polyamory makes sense, and could possibly save the world from multiple wars.

If you’re not familiar with polyamory, it basically ally means that we can go out, but if you wanna sleep with other people…awesome! If I also want to…awesome! The writer of Wonder Woman was polyamorous and they raised children together.

Happiness is possible for all of us. We just need to find it. Hopefully we are looking within ourselves to really know what we’ll need to make us happy.

I’m writing a book about my life. I’ve written 10 TV scripts and I’m working on more. I’m writing movies and music, making art and video games, loving my life. I’m also rationing leftover pizza so I’ll have food to eat in the next few days cause my bank acct is, once again, at a dollar and change.

Ive been asking for help via Venmo: @Doug-Culp, to get to the next day.

My podcast #YAMATAT aka #YouAndMeAndThoughtsAndTalkwithDougCulp is up to 217 episodes. Been releasing every week, while homeless.

I have a plan to end all homelessness in the world.

I want to make board games and entertain till I die.

Does anyone think I’m funny or interesting enough to entertain you? If you’ve read this far, I hope so.

Have me on your podcast. Introduce me to a manager or agent (writing/acting/stand-up/art/music/livestreaming). Take me out for a meal, invite me to stay over and be able to stretch all the way out as I drift off to a peaceful sleep. Let’s talk about homelessness and ending it. Let’s talk about feelings. Let’s talk about anything  but please reach out.

Gonna record my podcast now, possibly play some games with a few remaining tokens I have. Rationing those too.

I love you all.

Thanks for reading.



Venmo: @Doug-Culp

@dougathan / @yamatat / @DougsNugs / @DuplexComedy / @DrDougSurgery